The 2022 Conference on cross-border e-commerce global Trends kicks off in Shenzhen

From February 18 to 19, the “Nucleomagma” 2022 Cross-border e-commerce Global Trend Conference and Cross-border E-commerce Hugo Award Ceremony kicked off in Shenzhen. 50 celebrities including Google, Anker and Xiaogu visited the scene to discuss the cross-border e-commerce trend in 2022.Weng Yaoxiong, founder and CEO of Hugo Cross-border, released the trend of cross-border e-commerce in 2022.Weng Yaoxiong, founder and CEO of Hugo Cross-border, has experienced changes in the cross-border e-commerce industry in the past year. In the context of the global epidemic and platform policy changes, reshuffling and reshuffling ran through the whole industry.According to Hugo Cross-border research, 90 percent of sellers saw their operating costs increase compared to 2020, while 21 percent saw their operating costs increase by more than 50 percent.The cost advantage that Chinese sellers used to rely on to compete in the global e-commerce market is starting to erode.The sharp rise in operating costs will also lead to a significant decline in profits for many sellers in 2021.In addition, the tide of Amazon’s closure broke out, and the flow dividend gradually declined. Sellers sold at a low price due to destocking, aggravating the industry volume.Weng yaoxiong pointed out that all the above means a very cruel fact: the past easy money days have gone, with a huge flow of dividends in the first half of cross-border e-commerce has come to an end.The inflection point has come, and China’s cross-border export e-commerce has officially entered the second half.In his opinion, the cross-border e-commerce and brands going abroad in 2022 will present the following four trends: Trend 1:2022 Amazon seller reshuffle intensifies cross-border e-commerce has two important features in the first half: One is Amazon;Second, flow dividend.In other words, for nearly a decade in the first half, most sellers made their fortunes by capitalizing on Amazon’s traffic dividends by combining the cost advantages of China’s powerful supply chain.In 2022, with the further loss of amazon’s traffic bonus, the reshuffle of Amazon sellers will intensify, and many sellers will be forced to leave.However, in the next five years, or even longer, amazon will remain the largest cross-border e-commerce sales channel for Chinese sellers from a single platform perspective.However, about 1.4 million new sellers are expected to join Amazon marketplace in 2021, according to a foreign agency.Therefore, with the influx of more and more competitors, the market will be very competitive.In 2022, the whole Amazon market will form a situation of “good money drives out bad money”, and the sellers with “hard skills” will win.This “hard work” includes several important factors: brand quality, cost-effective products;Efficient and strong supply chain capability;Operation talents who have a deep understanding of platform rules and master operation rules;As well as have strong internal organization ability and management ability.In addition, there will be a large overflow of Amazon sellers in 2022.First, the sellers who have been shuffled out must find new markets, new flows and multi-channel sales in order to survive.Second, sellers who are still competitive on Amazon will also speed up the layout of new markets and new traffic, get rid of the risk of a single channel, and at the same time speed up the brand transformation and layout of the whole network brand operation.In 2020, a large number of independent station group models have emerged, and some sellers with behaviors such as “goods are not on board” and “no delivery” are mixed in, resulting in the whole Chinese independent site sellers leaving a very bad impression among overseas consumers.In 2021, Facebook, Google, PayPal, Shopify and other overseas independent site eco-platforms began to tighten their policies and crack down on bad sellers.Therefore, starting from the second quarter of 2021, a large number of site group sellers begin to close the site in batches, gradually give up the site group play, and transition to a more refined DTC brand site mode, and this trend will continue to enlarge in 2022.In 2022, the entire independent station group of soil will be gradually lost.Overseas flow platforms are facing China’s independent sellers with unprecedented caution.In particular, it is recommended that those sellers who are still doing non-compliant station group mode, in 2022, the era of independent station “making quick money” has come to an end, and they should be transformed into high-quality vertical station or DTC brand station as soon as possible.In 2021, affected by multiple factors such as the epidemic, the global supply chain is in disorder.In this context, the timeliness and uncertainty of shipping greatly affected the seller’s business.In 2022, this situation is likely to continue, at least in the first half of the year we do not see a rapid recovery.Hugo Cross-border found in its research that after 2022, more and more sellers, which originally focused on the European and American markets, began to accelerate their distribution in the Markets of Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, which are adjacent to China, have great advantages over European and American markets in terms of logistics timeliness and logistics costs due to their geographical relationship.Especially Japan and South Korea market, there have been more and more sellers in the layout.There are several reasons. First, the market size is large enough. Japan and South Korea are the fourth and fifth largest e-commerce markets in the world.Second, it is very close to China, so the risk of stocking goods is much smaller than that of European and American markets.Third, the market is mature, the penetration rate of e-commerce is very high, and the market consumption capacity is relatively strong, which is easy to generate profits for sellers.At present, the brand going abroad camp is forming several powerful forces: first, the domestic brands going abroad, because the ceiling of the domestic market has appeared, a large number of domestic brands begin to speed up the pace of going abroad in 2021;Secondly, the original sellers of cross-border e-commerce, especially some big sellers, began to change their thinking of pure selling and started overseas brand strategy one after another.Third, many traditional foreign trade enterprises are also stepping up their entry into the circuit and laying out overseas brands through cross-border e-commerce.In addition, we also see that in 2021, many high-end talents from various fields began to join the capital circle to enter the brand to go to sea, gradually formed the brand to go to sea the fourth force.In 2022, The number of Chinese brands going abroad will continue to expand.Among these forces, many domestic strength brands with abundant capital continue to hold high and fight, and they will become the main force of Chinese brands going abroad.Cross-border e-commerce will become the second echelon of brands going abroad;Foreign trade enterprises are also continuing to enter, will be the brand of the third echelon of the sea army.Finally, those new overseas enterprises that enter with capital will become “cavalry” due to their advanced management experience and the support of capital.This “cavalry”, though few in number, was an excellent soldier.Thus, in 2022, in the battlefield of brand globalization, The Chinese army will gradually form a “wild goose type” battle group, with “cavalry” as the lead, domestic brands as the main force, cross-border native sellers as the second echelon, and foreign trade enterprises as the third echelon, to start the battle of conquering cities and occupying territory in the global market.At the “2022 Global Trend Conference on Cross-border E-commerce”, Hugo Cross-border, THE World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and a Global Nature Foundation jointly set up the “Chinese White Dolphin Protection Special project” to support the protection of the Chinese White Dolphin project.And become the official partner of WWF Earth Hour in 2022.Hugo cross-border services line President, group COO and Hugo cross-border 19, head of the public welfare and a natural earth foundation secretary-general Ding Gan, WWF senior project consultant China signed a cooperation agreement Hugo cross-border, founder and CEO, said WengYaoXiong Chinese brands to sea on the way of internationalization can walk far, to some extent, depend on international to fulfill their social responsibility.Hugo Cross-border, as one of the leading Internet platforms for brand overseas industry, has always been concerned about and actively invested in social welfare practice.Hugo Cross-border has established an organizational structure and management mechanism for sustainable development within the enterprise, and actively practices the strategy of sustainable development.At the same time, Hugo Cross-border, as a partner of WWF and WWF, will rely on their official professional strength and resources to drive more than 10,000 cooperative enterprises and lead the ecological sustainable development of cross-border industry.In order to better promote the green transformation of the whole industrial chain and empower its partners to build a new engine for sustainable and high growth, Hugo cross-border established the “Yuanx SPACE Overseas Entrepreneurs Public Welfare Circle”.”Yuanx SPACE adheres to Hugo cross-border’s corporate value of” 1+1+1=111 “– gathering a group of entrepreneurs who love public welfare with a sense of social responsibility to jointly build a green cross-border industrial chain, and finally realizing Hugo people’s vision of appreciating the earth from Mars 111 years later.Liu Hong, PRESIDENT of Hugo Cross-border Service line, GROUP COO and head of Hugo Cross-border Charity, said that signing contracts with THE WORLD Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and one earth Nature Foundation is the starting point and determination of Hugo Cross-border in public welfare.In 2022, we will continue to carry out public welfare activities under the theme of “Carbon cable to the Sea, Green and low-carbon”.2/18 “Carbon” Rope Forum is the first public welfare activity of YUANX SPACE. In the future, we will organize “Earth Hour”, support the protection of Chinese white dolphins and other public welfare activities based on the international experience and expert resources of WWF and One Earth.At the same time, Yuanx SPACE gathers the top business operation thinking of the founders of enterprises, and builds a platform for in-depth exchanges and cooperation between overseas enterprises through public welfare forums, expert lectures, study Tours and other activities, providing solutions for the sustainable development of enterprises.As one of the leading enterprises in the cross-border industry, It is Hugo cross-border’s responsibility and mission to work with the world Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the most influential environmental protection organization in the world, and a global nature Foundation to implement the strategy of sustainable development.Senior project consultant said to the world wildlife fund, the selection and Hugo cross-border cooperation is the important node of a cross-border business green transformation, the future world wide fund for nature (WWF) together with a natural earth foundation and cross-border Hugo, to the sea through BBS, salon enterprise is introduced and sharing cases at home and abroad, in order to promote the green transformation and industry chain industry,Improve the international influence of Chinese cross-border enterprises.We believe that with the influence of both sides and a high sense of social responsibility, the green upgrading of cross-border industry will be accelerated.Cross-border e-commerce is a major trend of the future development of international trade, an important support for the implementation of China’s opening-up strategy, and an important starting point for boosting industrial upgrading and brand upgrading.At the conference, Zhou Chunsheng, finance professor of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, shared his speech with the theme of “China and The World Trade and Economic Pattern in the Great Changes”, narrating the transformation of China’s economy from the aspects of growth model, demand and supply.According to Zhou Chunsheng, finance professor of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, cross-border e-commerce is just a part of the new driving force, and cross-border e-commerce and cross-border brand export are excellent helpers to expand the brand influence and market scale of enterprises.The current cross-border brands and e-commerce, all of which are important supplements to the original traditional trade, are an important force driving demand.The state supports and encourages reasonable and legal cross-border e-commerce, because it can help absorb production capacity and drive market demand, thus providing new momentum for the sustained growth of China’s economy.In the context of great changes, cross-border e-commerce plays an increasingly important role in the trade field.Consumer listening is the key to the success of the product. How can we make the product have a large market space in the market?Anke innovation digital intelligence consultant He Pai said, Anke innovation can achieve so successful, it is because of product innovation, innovation from insight into consumers, capture the fleeting needs of consumers.Listening to consumers is important, says He Pai Pai, a consultant at Anker Innovation and digital intelligence.When a brand has a lot of consumer assets, it is a key step to dig deeply into these consumers and make them willing to produce helpful information for products.At the same time, He Pai believed that opportunities and Bridges should be built for consumers to approach brands, and consumer portraits and graphs should be established based on reverse insights into consumer data.At the conference, Zhang Meng, the head of SHOPLAZZA, a shop owner, delivered a wonderful speech with the theme of “Painless Transformation and Innovative methodology for brands going to sea”.He believes that if cross-border e-commerce sellers or traditional enterprises want to transform, they might as well take DTC as an existing business enhancement agent, and many problems can be easily solved.In the opinion of Zhang Meng, head of SHOPLAZZA, a shop maker, many companies do not want to develop brands, but they cannot support the branding operation with existing resources, or they cannot bear the potential sunk costs.He therefore makes three proposals.First, the independent site into the enterprise strategy.Using the existing advantages, the platform overflow of a small amount of flow, as an independent station to build optimization of the fuel, part of the user precipitation into the brand private domain flow pool;Second, while slowly accumulating potential energy, according to the maturity of the team, site optimization and product line, formal independent station drainage should be started at the right time to significantly reduce business risks and sunk costs;Third, avoid product homogeneity and concentrate on creating a small number of differences.Brand go to sea to do depth localization brand go to sea is the future market trend, dog electrical appliances overseas business director CAI Jun shared in the conference to “Chinese brand go to sea new scene” as the theme of the wonderful speech.CAI Jun believes that in the second half of the cross-border e-commerce industry, we need to change our thinking. In the new scene of the brand going overseas, we must do in-depth localization.CAI Junjun, head of overseas business of Puppy Electric Appliance, suggested: First, establish localized strategy, close contact with consumers, choose localized channels, which is a way to improve penetration rate;Second, the selection of products as far as possible, according to the needs of people in different countries, national policies to adjust;Third, establish an official website to show the brand, build the brand through the official website, and establish sales of long-term values.

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