The biggest increase in 10 years!British railways raised prices in March. Why hasn’t Chinese railways raised prices for 20 years?

Are train tickets going up?Inflation one day, rising prices the next, but have you heard that train tickets are going up too?Rail fares across Britain are set to rise, following an 800% rise in gas prices and a 600% rise in electricity prices.Rail fares across the UK have risen by 3.8% from March 1, the biggest increase in 10 years, the Department for Transport has announced.In fact, this is not the first time British rail has raised prices.The move comes after the average rail ticket price rose nearly three times faster than average wages, with fares on some lines rising by as much as 90 per cent.To take the starkest example, a ticket from Norwich in northern London to London, which is less than 190 kilometers away, costs about 1,077 yuan after the price hike.For that price, how many kilometers can you travel by bullet train in China?But have you ever heard that in my country prices are going up and so are train tickets?For example, the hard sleeper ticket from Beijing west to Wuchang is 245 pieces. Twenty years have passed, and now the hard sleeper ticket from Beijing to Wuchang is 263 pieces.Round it up to almost nothing.Even today, you can still find tickets for 1 yuan in some areas.You know, Chinese railways have always been in the red. Why do British railways frequently increase their prices while Chinese railways have not changed their fares for more than 20 years?Railway train ticket price was formulated in 1995, the base rate of passenger ticket price is 0.05861 yuan/person km.In addition to the attributes of market economy, railway also has the attributes of social public service. The basic and public welfare products and services of ordinary trains play an important role in promoting economic and social development and guaranteeing people’s lives.China’s good governance of not raising train ticket prices for more than 20 years actually means that the state is paying for public travel.

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