The downfall of the four-time All-Star center!Technical fouls were so common that even the refs looked down on him

“I am not treated fairly, I am treated completely differently from other players.All I can do is move on and do my best and everything else will take care of itself.”This is the Nuggets short-term contract center Demarcus Cousins said in an interview, why so speak?Over the course of the last five games, because take an examination of hyacinth got four technical fouls and 1 time off, so in the interview, he also expressed his inner discontent, though “hyacinth is a fiery temper and emotivism players, but so often technical foul does have some unusual, lost Cousins a few years ago or alliance first test center,The referee really did not give kao God face.Since the 18th and 19th season in the effect of the warriors take an examination of hyacinth playoff injured, and the season, frequent injuries to take an examination of Cousins in the alliance lack of competitiveness, or even face no ball playing, want to say to take an examination of hyacinth is called, the first center in the NBA he can win a season before averaged 25 + 13, four into the all-star cast.The lakers, Clippers, Rockets, Bucks and Nuggets have played just 63 games since the 1920-20 season, and he’s been traded and cut so much that he’s gone from heaven to hell.In 17 games, He averaged 9 points, 5.8 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 0.9 steals and 0.5 blocks per game. As a reserve, Cousins has been qualified.But just when the bucks were excited to defend their title, the team cut Cousins to keep their roster flexible, which is puzzling.Cousins received the nuggets test for ten days after the contract invitation, is currently played five games, averaging 13 minutes can get 6 points and 7 rebounds 1 assists 0.8 steals, health problems, take an examination of hyacinth should be smooth and the team to sign the second contract for ten days, good words may also sign up to the end of the season, and to take an examination of hyacinth performance won the recognition of Malone,Malone also said in an interview that he would advise the front office on Cousins’s contract.Cousins’s technical fouls in his first five games with the Nuggets came on Jan. 24.On January 27, the Nuggets played the Nets on the road. Just 40 seconds into the fourth quarter, Cousins was called for a walking violation when he misplaced the ball inside and tried to hit it on his back.Feb. 7 is also faced with the nets, but this time at home, in the third quarter, take an examination of hyacinth discontent, the referee just called a penalty for a technical foul, then he asked the referee is very confused, and don’t stop with his finger, and in the process of back field nagging all the time, is very poor, Gordon is next to have been persuaded,Luckily Cousins didn’t say more or he would have been ejected.Although now Cousins did not have the ability of the first center in those days, but looks like a fiery temper is still in, but the referee is also not used to him, a little theory on the whistle, does it mean that Cousins is a pair of “fierce” look?But Cousins do this convergence convergence his temper, and his contemporaries in talent player, take an examination of hyacinth to technical foul is absolutely the first leg, regardless of how much punishment, which is also a problem to his own development, was going to his team, it is not a lot, uncontrolled temper again so, say later can’t even play ball,Look now the Lakers Howard but every game is honest, no matter how much playing time, also do not complain, cautious and conscientious, should learn from others!

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