The world, China Central Television’s New Year drama, has revealed that the background color of steel and lead is the most soothing

The author | Shanghai youth daily, youth journalist Contemporary dramas Chen Hong realistic themes in the “world” is the CCTV hit, the play is adapted from Liang Xiaosheng “maodun literature award”, the award-winning novel of the same name in China in the northern city of a civilian community “light” Zhou Jiasan sibling trajectory for the story of life,It describes the great changes of Chinese society and the ups and downs of people’s life from various angles, directions and levels, presenting a life epic of Chinese family changes.Liang Xiaosheng and age of the republic of the famous writer, had created many famous film and television play works by television invited, but at the time of creation “in the world”, he is “definitely didn’t write the film and television play work” – he wants to write Chinese civilians’ children 50 years epic picture scroll, so “hands together determines it is impossible to made into a TV series”.However, the high ticket with MAO dun prize for literature, is still being adapted for film and television play with the same high standards, become a set of CCTV in 2022 and a year of big plays, and popular abnormalities, wipe the tears to the audience, they recommended in the social network said: “the impression of” in the “steel lead ashes, but the most is to comfort people.”Liang Xiaosheng, who was born in 1949, has been closely related to China’s development.”The World” and his previous works, are not quite the same, this time, he extended his tentacles to a wider range of different people, no longer limited to a specific class, he expects, is to depict the world of the common people group picture.And the “protagonists” he chose, the three Zhou brothers and sisters from a provincial capital city in the north, were, like him, the first generation of the Republic.Liang xiaosheng writes from the 1970s to the 2010s about the ups and downs of the protagonist’s life and struggle,And Chinese society that 50 years of spectacular events – including the countryside, three line construction, recommend, restore the university entrance exam, college educated youth returned to the city, and opening to the outside world and invigorating the economy, the reform of state-owned enterprises and individual business areas, turn shantytowns into new housing areas, anti-corruption together, become a life picture scroll of Chinese civilians.This time, Liang xiaosheng did not consider film and television, only “to describe the desire of life evolution”.It’s a story that doesn’t take into account the difficulty of filming.However, this outstanding reality-themed work was chosen by Tencent Pictures and famous director Li Lu when it was just published, long before it won the 10th MAO Dun Literature Prize in 2019.Previously, In the Name of The People, directed by Li Lu, was a phenomenally realistic work.They found the screenwriter, Wang Hailing.Hand-in-hand, with “Chinese style divorce”, “new marriage age” senior colonel’s daughter, “and so on series won the reputation of” China’s first writers “Wang Hailing, always reluctant to tie-ins, moreover Liang Xiaosheng the impression of this work, northeast ordinary life, are not her familiar, but she is very identity,” to the underlying people Shouting “the theme of the book, on the basis of this,She said she “wanted to give it a try.”, however, she also agreed and director, Canon, it’s about the adjustment of the original: “iron lead ashes impression” in keeping the original, keep the character of tough, tenacious attitude at the same time, also to join her all the time since the life attitude of “bright warm”, “any period of life, there are always two sides to everything, life will have different feelings in the same overall.”How warm?Let Lei Jiayin’s youngest son, Zhou Bingkun, to arouse the common people’s resonance, is warmth.The ultimate life goal of this character is to make his family well. He pays the most for his parents, wife and children, but he often doubts himself and cries, “I am the most worthless”. His concept is actually the mainstream concept of the society, but Wang Hailing makes him lead the whole play:”I personally believe that with the openness of our country today, Chow’s values should be accepted and all ordinary people who lead decent lives should be comforted by them.Not all lives have to be closed. After all, we are the minority. We are all part of the majority.”In the trailer of the film, the creator used the phrase “life is a lifetime, vegetation is an autumn, come like wind and rain, go like dust” to describe “the World”, the sense of time and feelings, touched countless audiences.The TV series “The World”, featuring actors’ devotion and details, has seen its audience rating climb since it was broadcast on CCTV one, hitting a new high in the past three years. It is called a “king blast”. Although it is only half aired now, many viewers say it has been “booked as the king of drama for the whole year”.Why can have such high reputation?In addition to the solid early creation, during the shooting process, the full devotion of the actors and the chief creative team to the ultimate pursuit of details and texture are important reasons for the success of the drama.The drama is led by Lei Jiayin, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia and Yin Tao, all of whom are often competing for best actor and actress at TV awards, and their dedication to the performance is touching.When lei jiayin, a native of northeast China, met with the producer, she stressed that her fit with the character was more than just physical appearance.Mine better sound, he grew up in anshan, when I was a child who lives in compound workers, father was also their role as Zhou Bingkun peers, parents in the reform of state-owned enterprises have experienced, mother also the post, “the characters prototype is engraved on my mind, I have a strong idea, want to give my parents a films after finishing the mind”.In the filming process, Yin Tao, who portrayed Zheng Juan in the play, kept sending messages to the screenwriter, Wang Hailing, describing her views and suggestions on the role, which were highly recognized by the screenwriter.One of the strengths of an actor is that he or she pays close attention to the character line of the character he or she is playing.But a good actress, when she’s fully engaged, has empathy for the character, which is her talent as an actress.Zheng Juan is the most difficult character in the script creation. Finally, this character can write well, and we are also in the creation together.””Said Wang Hailing.Apart from the excellent performances of the actors, Li and his team’s meticulous attention to detail also makes the audience feel directly.”The World of Man” spans 50 years. In order to fully restore the true sense of the story, the historical scenes and family environments in various periods, as well as various life props and bowls and spoonful, are all perfectly consistent with the original appearance of the time in the northern environment.”Northeast China is my hometown. It is my wish to shoot this drama in my hometown.”Li lu said that the charm of Northeast China is not necessarily the kang tou culture, but the black land culture. “I hope to show the most beautiful and rugged things in Northeast China in the World, and let the audience dream back to that era once they see it.”For this, the play crew traveled changchun, Harbin, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guiyang and other places to film, in order to reproduce the residential areas of the old industrial city in the northeast, the play crew built the scene of 40 thousand square meters, light line used 70 thousand meters, take the light of the scene fully installed dozens of super long box cars.In the preparation stage of shooting, I also collected many old things and built a props library of about 1,000 square meters, such as the old posters, old calendars and old clothes in the play. Many of them are real things collected.In all the scenes, including the wood factory, soy sauce factory, earth kang bungalow, public bath, etc., are extremely realistic, especially to the shanty town in the city “light characters” show the most in place.The audience can not only see the simple brick and concrete structure and indoor furnishings in Zhou’s house, but also from the details such as pouring waste water and cleaning the toilet before Hao Dongmei’s parents visit Zhou’s house, showing the situation of the house lacking basic water and water facilities.Such residential areas, which are ubiquitous in many Chinese cities built around heavy industry after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, fit in well with the memories of many older urban residents who once lived in “bungalows”.Why is it portrayed this way?Because there was a consensus among the creators not just to tell the stories of the main characters, but to make “The World” an epic drama that presented the full scale of social change.And judging by the results, they did.Edit: Zhatanna Lead editor: Zhu Yujia light “Watching”

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