These 2 types of flowers, should enter the “abandoned blacklist”, some at home do not become treasure again

As our quality of life had apparent promotion, raise a flower to plant grass early walked into thousands of families, especially during the festival of this ten thousand reunion, which won’t add one or two flowers, will add the atmosphere of festival and decorate household environment?And now the development of science and technology is very fast, the horticulture industry has also got considerable development, a lot of flowers have not seen, heard about, but also into the people’s families.And there are some young people like flowers, in order to pursue fashion and some personal aesthetic needs, the very ordinary flowers by changing the color to make ordinary flowers become dazzling.As long as through the simple flower spray paint can be achieved, easy to use, economic and practical.Now a lot of flowers and plants are through dyeing, to achieve the purpose of adding color, easy to sell, and the quality of the pigment used is also good and bad, personal advice encountered do not buy directly.There are many flowers sold by using pigments and drugs to change their colors. Here I would like to share 2 representative flowers with you.1. Flowers that rely on pigments to color them represent flowers: What are the most popular dried flowers or flower arrangements during the Spring Festival of Silver willow?Silver willow.Silver willow “silver leave” the sound of this name is in there, under the ancient silver standard currency system, is a popular geely plant, the habit continues today, and silver willow flowers very chic, there is a layer of silver hair, sleek shine under the light, either as a dry cut flowers to maintenance, can also be made into flower arranging bottles, flowering,They produce beautiful clusters of flower buds, and dried silvers can last for a year or two.In this way, silver willow has become the hot property during the Spring Festival, but the silver willow we see in the flower market are all colorful, it is hard to see any silver white.Don’t get me wrong, the reason why silver willow is called silver willow is that it has only one color, that is silver white, and the color in the flower market, needless to say, is stained.But the quality of pigment is basic worrying, meet water commonly to be able to fade, some quality is poor, still have strange taste even, want carefully before buying.These post-processing, if there is quality assurance, can be normal maintenance, and there is no quality assurance, it is best not to keep at home, to keep some of the best primary color.Primary silver willow is pretty good, if you feel color too drab, mentioned above the flowers from the paint comes in handy, can spray their toning color, can also buy some small lanterns, small everyone, small Chinese knot, etc is more festive decorations hanging on the top of the white willow, a dress up, put in the television ark, or the windowsill or on the desktop,Nature can add luster to your home life.And the rose in flower shop that uses pigment to coloring most should be, did not introduce carefully here.2. Flowers that are colored with drugs represent flowers:Gagaku dance friends and many flowers have heard the name of “dance” of gagaku, too fairy, could also live up to the name, level appearance is online, if anyone had seen the gagaku dance out of jin’s friends will like it, want to buy home to raise up, from now on can at any time in the home can enjoy it, it is also a valuable gagaku dance.How beautiful can the dance of fine music be when it shines?To put it simply, the edge of its leaves will appear a pink, it looks like flowering flowers, this beauty can not be described, only to see their own.However, the phenomenon of elegant music dance out of brocade is not often seen, but after years of careful maintenance and correct management, it can wait until it naturally out of brocade. Therefore, a basin of elegant music dance out of brocade can be sold at a large price.There are flower friends will say, since it is so difficult to brocade, why there will be so much brocade yule dance in the flower market.This is the focus of juanzi to share with you.Don’t say not out on the flower market really kam gagaku dance, but also is very rare, and can be seen everywhere in the flower market, the price is not expensive brocade gagaku dance, you must not buy, because it is a “kam”, some merchants will be the truth, and some undesirable businessman will and you said this is kam dance of gagaku, you need to think is the “rule” buy back,Is to be cheated.But this is not the most false, more excessive, is to use jinzhiyuye medicine, making the so-called jinzhiyuye dance to pretend to be, because the dance and jinzhiyuye dance is very similar, the general novice is difficult to distinguish, so there are a lot of fooled.After these so-called “medicine brocade” is bought back, after a period of time, there will be all kinds of problems, leaf fall, fade, even wither and die will happen, because the drug has destroyed its growth structure, naturally there will be problems.Will you think that the “medicine brocade” produced by the magic, in fact, is sprayed with 300 times of peracetic acid, can be obtained.And if you want to distinguish the medicinal brocade is also very simple, you can judge by the bud, the bud of the medicinal brocade is pink, and the bud of the medicinal brocade is white or green.Another way to distinguish is more intuitive. The leaves of Medicinal brocade have the deepest color at the edge, and then slowly transition to the position of the petiole, while the whole leaves of medicinal brocade have one color, without any transition and shading.If you accidentally buy brocade and don’t want to watch it slowly drop its leaves, dry up and die, save yourself by cutting off all the brocade and waiting for it to sprout new leaves.Summary: like these two more typical flowers surgery, processing techniques, I do not like, because of the meaty do not understand, bought dyed meaty once cheated, at that time really angry, hate this behavior, is not the love of flowers should do.All right, thank you!

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