Traffic police four brigade festival strictly check drunk driving!

Huanbo News network news (reporter Wei Wei) During the Spring Festival, visiting relatives and friends, friends, drinking after driving motor vehicle violations increased.The fourth brigade of the Municipal Public Security Traffic Police Detachment earnestly implemented the work measures of strictly investigating drunk driving during the Spring Festival Travel rush, and continued to maintain a high pressure situation of strictly investigating drunk driving to ensure the safety of the masses.Recently, the traffic police four brigade police in Yongsheng Road Jinghua road management drunk driving, two consecutive driving motor vehicle traffic violations after drinking.At about 13:00 on the same day, a white Honda CRV was stopped by the police on duty when it passed the intersection.After testing, the car driver’s blood alcohol content is 78mg/100ml, belongs to the driving motor vehicle after drinking.At 14:00, a small car through the intersection, police on the car driver breath alcohol test, the results show that the blood alcohol content of 67mg/100ml, belongs to the driving motor vehicle after drinking.According to relevant laws and regulations, the two drivers face a 1,000 yuan fine, 12 demerit points and a six-month suspension of their driving licenses for driving under the influence of alcohol, police said.At the same time, the brigade of another group of police in guye south outer ring implementation of the governance of drunk driving tasks, investigated a drinking after driving operating motor vehicles serious traffic violations.At 1300 hours, a light goods vehicle was stopped by police as it passed south Outer Ring road.After investigation, the blood alcohol content of the car driver is 70mg/100ml, and the nature of the vehicle driving is operation type, so the driver for driving operation motor vehicle after drinking, face a fine of 5000 yuan, detention for 15 days, the suspension of motor vehicle driving license, 5 years shall not obtain a driving license.Source: Huanbo News network

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