Why console, PC games can’t Beat Mobile Games

According to the 2021 China Game Industry Report, the average amount of money spent by Mobile gamers in China is 344 yuan, or $54.352 per dollar, slightly lower than the $59.99 or $69.99 for buyout aaa games.In other words, in China alone, 656 million mobile game users buy a buy-out AAA game at full price every year.Pictures from the network and has always been “high-end atmosphere on the grade” to show the console, PC games, what is a situation?Buy-out ceiling of AAA games, GTA 5, with cumulative global sales of 150 million, according to Take-Two2022 first-quarter earnings.So why is the data for console and PC games so different from that for mobile games?One of the reasons mobile games are F2P on hardware is probably important, because the amount of money spent on hardware in mobile games tends to be infinitely “zero” relative to consoles and PCS.Nowadays, no one would dispute that a mobile phone is a necessity.According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by the end of 2021, China had 1.643 billion mobile phone users, with a population penetration rate of 116.3 per 100 people. Among them, 4G and 5G users reached 1.069 billion and 355 million respectively. It is not an exaggeration to say that everyone has one mobile phone.While many people may not consider playing games on mobile phones when they buy them, they may even scoff at playing games on mobile phones.But it is more or less human nature to say, “It is not worth playing, it is not worth playing, it is not worth playing”.Therefore, the user base of mobile phone games (including potential users), the host and PC games are expected to be unreachable, not to mention in our country, since ancient times, there has been the saying that playthings are lost of aspiration, mobile phone is not to buy, in order to take a good picture, in order to large memory, in order to brush smoothly, then expensive also recognize;However, thousands or even tens of thousands of people invest in consoles and PCS just to play games, and the probability of getting a bad look is probably not small.Mobile games can serve more market segments Compared to console and PC games, another big advantage of mobile games is that they can serve more market segments, that is, they can meet the different needs of more levels and types of “players”.Although the performance of mobile SOC is not weak, for example, snapdragon 8 Gen1 GPU outperforms PS4, Snapdragon 8 Gen1 FP32 is 2.2T and PS4 FP32 is 1.8T.However, due to a series of problems such as battery life, heat dissipation and control brought by the wide range of mobile phone applications and compact structure, mobile phone games in the application of game technology, at least at present, still can not (of course, there is no need to) reach the height of mainframe and PC games.In this sense, the barriers to entry are lower, so there are more competitors in the market.Then according to the conventional thinking, when technology and other aspects can not open the gap, to provide more distinctive products or services, has become the key to competition.On the one hand, the aesthetic of “simplicity as beauty” led by Apple has led to the mainstream of “full screen” of mobile phones, which cannot adopt more accurate controllers like hosts and PCS, but have to adapt to the control.On the one hand, unlike console and PC game users who are relatively “stable” and “experienced”, mobile game users are more widely distributed, even a considerable number of games can be called “small white”.Given that F2P is all about “pulling heads,” mobile games need to strike a balance in gameplay.

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