Wumart cheaper, artificial diamond let us achieve diamond freedom

Edit | bin product | tide up “to see column” in recent decades, diamond has been in the global market has a stable and broad consumer base, especially in the outbreak period, from last year, brief setback diamond consumer market once again the strong recovery steps.According to Bain’s 2020-2021 Global Diamond Industry Study, the US and China account for 80 per cent and 10 per cent respectively of the global consumption market for growing diamonds.At present China and the United States market, therefore, is a major power recovery of the global diamond industry, in recent years due to the emergence of artificial diamond, global diamond prices also is developing in the direction of the people, especially the rapid rise of synthetic diamond industry in China are breaking the tradition of international natural diamond giant monopoly price.Diamond production in China accounted for half of the global diamond industry need billions of years to the formation of natural diamond, due to limited capacity, resource scarcity, natural diamond has been regarded as the king of the gem, like gold, has been favored by collectors and consumers love, price nature is also exist in the top luxury goods,However, with the rapid development of synthetic diamond technology in recent years, artificial diamonds can now be grown in just a few weeks at a much lower price than natural diamonds.Although the formation of natural diamond and synthetic diamond both in different ways, but they are in physical properties and optical properties of performance are exactly the same, the quality of the synthetic diamond and natural diamond, the former in color, size, weight, composition, purity, etc can completely and natural diamond match, without spectrometer instrument of this kind of professional,Artificial diamonds look exactly the same to the naked eye as natural diamonds, so cultured diamonds are considered real.Larger due to the price advantage, man-made diamond industry over the years has been constantly expanding market share, the artificial cultivation of diamond production accounted for less than 4% in the global diamond market, has a very broad space to grow up and have agency predicts 2030 artificial cultivation of diamond global proportion will grow to at least 10%.Guotai Junan analysis believes that the global rough cultivation diamond output is expected to reach 10.26 million carats – 22.26 million carats in 2021-2025, and the corresponding global cultivation diamond jewelry market scale is 57 billion yuan – 123.7 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate can reach 21.37%. It is obvious that the huge market brings opportunities for the development of enterprises.In recent years, China has made remarkable progress in the field of artificial diamonds. According to data from Citic Securities Research, by the end of 2020, the global production capacity of cultivated diamonds is about 6 million to 7 million carats, of which China accounts for about half, and almost monopolizes all the production capacity of high temperature and high pressure diamonds.There is a concise summary in this industry, “The world’s diamonds look at China, and China’s diamonds look at Henan”. Henan Province has become the world’s largest artificial diamond production base, and plays a pivotal role in the production of jewelry-grade cultivated diamonds, with its output accounting for more than 95% of the world’s total production capacity. Interestingly,Henan’s production capacity is concentrated in Zhecheng County, Shangqiu city, known as the diamond capital of China.Since last September, forces landed on the shenzhen stock exchange after the gem diamonds, henan has listed on the a-share diamond foster increased to 3 enterprises, of which the Yellow River cyclone co., LTD is the largest domestic diamond manufacturing enterprise, its product range from the basic industrial-grade to high-end diamond grade of each product level, the company research and development of six sides synthetic diamond press,It can synthesize up to 360 carats artificial diamond at a time, and its single production capacity is more than 20 times that of the previous, and the grade of the product has also been greatly improved.With the demand of the consumer market is accelerating to promote the growth of the industry in addition to the usual life consumption, now the application of diamond in industry is also more widely than before, because the capacity of natural diamond have been faltering, but artificial diamond realize mass production time is not long, the current level of production and supply can not meet the market demand.Both the market demand for diamond and the artificial diamond produced by diamond cultivation are in short supply. The rapid expansion of the industry, the low intensity competition in the market and the rapid growth of the industry have brought ideal growth space and profit expectation to the enterprise.For example, according to the prospectus of Power Diamond, from 2018 to 2020, the company’s operating revenue was 204 million yuan, 221 million yuan and 245 million yuan respectively, and its net profit was 72.113 million yuan, 63.128 million yuan and 72.996 million yuan respectively, basically showing a momentum of stable growth. Entering 2021,The performance of the enterprise ushered in an explosive growth, only in the first half of last year, the company’s main income reached 218 million yuan, up 125.38% year on year, mother net profit was 108 million yuan, up 326.51% year on year, the gross profit rate as high as 65.21%.From the point of the whole industry chain, in addition to the terminal brand sales enterprise, the upstream, the stronger the notion of enterprise, the higher the profit, artificial cultivation of diamond because the requirement of manufacture craft is rigorous, small power production enterprises and has formed the technical barriers, so the enterprise market bargaining power is stronger, the profit margin is also relatively high,The rough diamond produced by the enterprise is basically out of stock, especially in the market with 3 to 6 carat rough diamond is the most popular.In contrast, the downstream diamond processing field has not yet formed a mature and high value-added industrial chain. Domestic diamond processing enterprises are mostly concentrated in the middle and low-end, with a large number and serious homogeneous competition, weak market bargaining power and low profit margins.There is still a big gap between the two famous diamond processing centers (Belgium and India) in the design, polishing, grinding, inlaying and other technical aspects of finished diamonds.India is the world’s largest diamond processing, account for nearly ninety percent of the diamond processing market share, domestic production of artificial cultivation diamonds are mostly exported to India for further processing and then sold to the global market, this is for the diamond industry of our country, nature is the only place feels the defects,Therefore, it is necessary to establish a world-class diamond processing center in China in the future to meet the huge global demand for high added value and high-quality jewelry diamonds.A forever diamond now developed into a “bargain” in the field of natural diamond production, the world’s four big diamond production enterprises (DE beers, Rosa, Petra, Rio) monopoly the global output of about two-thirds of the natural rough diamonds, have agency predicted, since last year, the global production of natural diamond will drop year by year, and at the same time,The demand for diamonds in the global market is increasing, and the huge gap between supply and demand creates an extremely favorable external environment for the further development of artificially cultivated diamond industry.Such as strength of diamonds, according to the prospectus to foster diamonds are in the market rapid expansion phase, the demand of the market and sales are on the rise, the big 3 carat diamond particles in terms of production and sales of rise faster, from 2018 to 2020, the company sales accounted for more than 3 carat diamond rose from 0 to 28.34%.The rapidly growing artificial diamond industry in China has greatly shaken the monopoly position of the four foreign diamond giants. The price of artificial diamond produced by Chinese enterprises is only one tenth of the price of similar foreign products.In 2016, the retail price of cultivated diamonds was 80% of that of natural diamonds. In 2018, the retail price of cultivated diamonds was only half of that of natural diamonds, according to Bain Consulting. The wholesale price of domestically cultivated diamonds is even lower, only about 20% of that of natural diamonds.Some valuable diamonds, today is the country’s enterprises into the bargain, to this, the international diamond also held against monopoly, as early as in 2015, DE beers and six other multinational diamond company established the diamond manufacturers association, to “is true is rare, true diamond” the slogan and the artificial cultivation of diamond,They want to maintain their monopoly on natural diamonds.In the end, de Beers had to take pride and pride and launch Lightbox in 2018, a brand the company invested more than $90 million in in 2020.A plant in Oregon is planned to produce about 200,000 carats of rhinestones a year.Early last year, one of the main producers of jewelry in the world of Pandora, the company decided to give up the natural diamond, lost to the artificial cultivation of diamond sales, swarovski and other famous enterprises have also entered the cultivating the diamond market, which suggests that the development of an important signal, namely the same quality of artificial cultivation diamond will occupy the market dominant position in the future.This is undoubtedly a good news for consumers, buyers save a lot of purchasing expenses, while the lower price is also conducive to gradually cultivate the consumption habits of the market, and further expand people’s long-term stable consumer demand for diamonds.”Yu Jian Column” believes that with the development of diamond synthesis technology and the growth of market consumer demand, the cost and price of the global diamond industry will further decrease, the market attention of artificial diamonds will further increase, and the development prospect of domestic diamond industry is also bright and promising.Conclusion now diamond usage scenario is no longer confined to the traditional marriage, the scenarios presented the diverse characteristics of diamond can be as part of the daily personal clothing, can wear in daily life scenes, the change of consumption idea also brought new marketing opportunities, which directly promote the stable growth of the global diamond production and sales.At present, the company production of synthetic diamond products, are popular in domestic and overseas markets, especially favored by the young consumers, now the world’s consumers may should thank our country’s diamond industry, it is because of the latter’s unremitting efforts and forge ahead, to let everybody to spend the least money, have almost the same quality as before all kinds of diamond products,Because of this, our world becomes more beautiful and colorful.

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