Xiangyang High-tech public security bureau arrested the suspected thieves 24 hours a day

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Jin Yani) man to buy a valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend, but because of lack of money and commit theft.On February 17, xiangyang Gaoxin public security police arrested him.On February 16, a cosmetics teller at a supermarket in Xiangyang High-tech Zone called the police after discovering the wrong number of cosmetics on her shelves.Tuanshan police station immediately after receiving the alarm to carry out an investigation, that the goods will be counted every day, police du Tao will focus on the previous day, through the video investigation found that a man in the afternoon of 15 suspicious, wandering in the supermarket.Further tracing revealed that the man “stole” two bottles of cosmetics at the cosmetics counter, walked to the snacks section when no one was around, and quickly opened the packaging of cosmetics. He then went to the fruit and vegetable section, stuffed the packaging boxes into the garbage bin, and put the cosmetics in his clothes pocket and took them out of the supermarket.At 18 o ‘clock on February 17, the police tracked the whereabouts of the person captured.Through interrogation, suspect Chen mou confessed its theft reason.The original in February 14 valentine’s Day, Chen mou sent his girlfriend flowers, girlfriend dissatisfaction, said to want cosmetics, Chen mou poor purse thought of the theft, so 15 days to the supermarket implementation.

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