Yulin Procurator-general to qingjian County procuratorate investigation and supervision

On February 10, Hu Liping, secretary of the Party Group and chief procurator of the Yulin People’s Procuratorate, visited the Qingjian County People’s Procuratorate and visited the police.Hu Liping first inspected the progress of the construction of The two houses on the spot, then went to 12309 procuratorial service Center, case management hall, case handling area, Party Member activity room and other office places to have a friendly conversation with the front-line procuratorial officers, and inquired about the progress of the procuratorial work and specific data in detail.Hao Baojun, secretary of the Party Group and Chief Procurator of Qingjian County People’s Procuratorate, carefully listened to his report on the overall work situation in 2021 and the work ideas in 2022, and had in-depth discussions on the current problems.Hu liping fully affirmed the achievements and progress made by qingjian County People’s Procuratorate in 2021, and put forward guidance on how to do a good job in 2022: Live up to spring and receive kindness.We should quickly transfer our thoughts and energy to our work. The beginning is a decisive battle, and the beginning is a sprint. We should make persistent efforts and stop at our best, so as to get off to a good start, lay a solid foundation and make good progress in all our work this year.To clarify ideas for development.Focusing on the “Year of Quality Construction”, “Year of Innovation” and “Year of High-quality Development”, and meeting the “project promotion” requirements of Procurator General Wang Xuguang of The Provincial People’s Procuratorate and the evaluation of procuratorial business construction in 2021, we focused on problems and weak spots, carefully planned and deployed, and took targeted measures to promote the progress of all procuratorial work.The high quality development of procuratorial work serves the high quality development of economy and society.To speed up the rhythm to grasp the foundation.Press the shortcut key to complete the construction of “Fannie and Freddie” as soon as possible, strengthen the construction of “intelligent inspection”, and improve the intelligent level of procuratorial work.Continue to replenish the reserve force, strengthen the experience of young officers, enrich the “clinical” experience, improve the professional level.We must strengthen the ranks with strict discipline and inspection.Unswervingly adhere to the strict advocate tone, remind, education policemen, continue to deepen consolidating party history learning style of education, political science and law education reorganization and cadres rectification results, according to the “on politics, the interests and development, self-improvement” requirement, hard effort to build a new era of procuratorial team, to meet the party’s two big victory with real performance.(correspondent Wang Qinghua) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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