Zhejiang Public Library launches “Reciting Spring Festival Gala”

Every New Year’s Eve, the most ceremonial thing is the family reunion, eating dinner together to watch the Spring Festival Gala.This year is different!In addition to CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Zhejiang Library, in collaboration with public libraries at all levels in the province, has prepared a Recital Spring Festival Gala with a strong flavor of Zhejiang to celebrate the Spring Festival with you.The recitation of Spring Festival gala in January 30 7:30, around topics such as reading, lunar New Year reunion, local cultural characteristics, to the provincial municipal public library collection works of excellent reading, to read classic, roots in local cultural way of reading the poetic cultural map of zhejiang province, and connecting with the rich atmosphere of Spring Festival and the local characteristics of music works,For the people of zhejiang province to bring both classic literature works and regional cultural characteristics of zhejiang Spring Festival Gala.In these programs, we can not only feel the full reading elements and the strong flavor of the New Year, but also feel the folk culture of various parts of Zhejiang and search for local cultural elements.For example, listen to “Horse-lantern Tune” and feel the well-known and familiar folk music in Ningbo.Listening to “Fishing and Farming in Taihu Lake” of Huzhou, listening to how the children inherit local culture with their own language;Lishui area into the rural Spring Festival Gala, in the village voice, the village to see the New Year customs;Approach Su Dongpo’s poetry, taste “song culture”.(Hangzhou network) reporter Shen Yanrong correspondent Sheng Chen

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