5 modern love article recommended: abdominal black disease jiao male master, book shortage can see!

1. “Human model dog like” author: Xiao Yang 2. “Marry Lin Anshen” author: Miss Madman 3. “Sick and weak villain feeding guide” author: Children love to eat candy 4. “Beautiful he does not talk” author: Jiang Xiaolu 5.Xiao Yang 1- saw the middle school fight with the object, now like a dog to date.Qiao fan: You are so slutty.Meng Xiu: You’re not bad either.2- Qiaofan is forced to attend matchmaking parties, where men and women sit in rows and eat fruits, looking for a partner is like picking a cabbage.No sooner had she sat down than she tried to flee.I was dead, and there was a familiar face.Blind general assembly opening less than five minutes, the host is still announcing process, Meng Xiu suddenly from under the table malicious kick her a foot, smile, take away the audience’s vision, affectionate way: “do you believe in love at first sight?”Jo turned her back and dropped two drops of eye drops. Then she looked back and wanted to cry. She said, “I didn’t believe you until I met you.”Compere: Two really match made in heaven!2. “Marry Lin Anshen” author: Miss Crazy mysterious, extraordinary talent.That’s all the world knows about Lin Anshen.And as an assistant, Jian Lu to his understanding is actually only more than two points outside the people.First, Lin Anshen does not communicate with anyone.In words, in eyes, in body.Two, Lin Anshen hates any sound.No matter the voice, singing, good, bad…….3. “The Sick Villain’s Guide” author: Kids love candy.Wear a bullied after she saved, but because of love male master and jealousy she bite the hand that feeds one, the last end of the miserable evil female match.After putting the book on, She looked down at her tattered clothes and slender body like a hemp pole, thought about her life after her last meal, and quickly picked a target among the characters in the book.Tan Mo, a cripple of both legs who cannot lift his body and will die in two years, has a fortune of over 100 million.Get close to him, seduce him, become the woman he can trust, and then sit and wait for Tan-Mo to die and inherit the family property.As the most popular male couple in a popular novel, tan Mo’s fans wrote a fan fiction featuring the male protagonist because they were dissatisfied with his sad ending.In the book, Tan-Mo, crippled and bullied since childhood, rose from the ashes to become a billionaire businessman.Years ago, Tan Mo was still a gloomy teenager with low self-esteem due to his body. His friends joked behind his back that he was disabled because he couldn’t stand up. His fingers fastening his wheelchair turned blue because of too much effort.Tan Mo’s face was pale. “Don’t look at it, it’s ugly.”The girl gently pressed his muscular legs. “It’s not ugly.””Will you stay with me forever?””I will.”Tan Mo severely buckled her waist, “Then don’t leave me forever.”Qiao LAN nodded without hesitation, anyway Tan Mo’s forever only two years.Two years later, Qiao LAN meng forced by the difficult standing Tancheng Ink press on the wall pro, Qiao LAN this just found, as if there is something wrong, oneself, as if wearing the wrong book.4. “Beautiful He does not speak” author: Jiang Xiaolu Kapok love that boy, called Lin Muan, very beautiful.He kept to himself, hardly talked to anyone, and was silent and gloomy.It’s scary, and it’s hard to be human.Kapok’s best friend Xu Jing likes him, too.So Kapok never dared to tell anyone.But one day, Xu Jing confession was known by the whole school, she quit school, Lin Muan committed suicide.Kapok is reborn.You stand in a deep, alone in darkness.I stepped on the auspicious clouds, through the thorns, lead you into the world of mortals, don’t be afraid – ups and downs, I will cross you.”You think you are guanyin Bodhisattva?””Small abnormal condition, I am your female view sound of a person.”5. A Warm Marriage in Darkness by Gu Nanxi…He always called her that, tender and affectionate.How others describe him, a bright, childe such as jade, pity your elegant.He had a gentle name, Shi Jin.He said: the doctor does not cure himself, I am a patient.He said: Sheng Sheng, save me.She had never loved a man so much that she would accompany him to hell.He had never loved anyone so much that he would lay down his butcher’s knife for her.

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