5 points in 3 seconds and a 3-pointer at the buzzer!Lebron James lost again, westbrook took the rest

On Feb. 10, the Lakers played the Portland Trail Blazers in a surprise game, missing Westbrook for the first time this season, and losing to a team that lacked six starters and a combined $20 million salary for its starting five.Double gun a fundamentally not for the blazers, season may have to submit an expense account, there is also a CJ – McCollum has officially been sold by the pelican, CJ chip, at the same time they sell is being on the back and jazz, spurs three-way deal, also walked, the walker and others just got cannot play ingalls and draft picks.To put it bluntly, the Blazers didn’t even have any players to play, so the team was missing a lot of players.But the Portland Trail Blazers, whose entire playing payroll is no match for lebron James, pulled off a stunning upset over the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Lakers can’t blame westbrook for not even playing.The lakers at least beat the Blazers when Westbrook played and lebron rested, now they just lost.Lebron James finished with 27 points on 13-of-22 shooting, 3-of-7 from 3-point range, seven rebounds, seven assists and six turnovers. Kobe Bryant made 8-of-11 shots and finished with 17 points, seven rebounds, six assists and one block in 40 minutes, but the two superstars couldn’t bring themselves to win.Johnson had 11 points and six rebounds and Tucker had 14 points, three rebounds and seven assists off the bench, but the lakers’ biggest problem with four players in double figures was shooting and no defense. The lakers’ most deadly point in the game was losing rebounds at critical moments and no defense at all.The Blazers are a really bad team, currently 5th from the bottom of the West, and not a team that wants to make a playoff run for the championship, or they wouldn’t tear down their roster, but the lakers are still worn out against a team that has no defense.The Blazers steamrolled the lakers with 15 steals, led by Simmons, who finished with 29 points and five assists, and Jusar Nurkic, who finished with 19 points, 12 rebounds and three assists.It is worth mentioning that, the last three seconds of the game, the Lakers are still down 5 points, they also called a timeout to arrange a tactic, King James decisive shot 3 buzzer hit, James hit the fourth quarter of the last buzzer 3, but what is the use?The 3-pointer at the buzzer from 5 down is just a stat that pushes your total point total to 30 + points, but it doesn’t mean anything else. Losing by 5 is the same as losing by 2, and the NBA is not a small loss.King James this ball although said to throw into, but also by many American media questioned, he this is just a most direct brush data shot, there has been no change for the outcome.It’s worth noting that the Blazers played with only nine players, many of whom were water-cooler guards outside the rotation.Plus, they just lost by 18 points to the league-worst Magic team yesterday, and the lakers are facing back-to-back games against teams like this one, and they’re totally humiliated.And a layup and a buzzer-beating 3-pointer by lebron at the end was considered a big stat stat.

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