A4 waist big long legs, and Liu Yifei said that “four beauty of ancient costume” but paste for 15 years, sister finally red

I do not know whether you have seen a period of time before the big play, “The wind from Luoyang”.Gigi saw a few eyes, has been a big beauty flash blind, half a month are immersed in her beauty can not extricate themselves……To be honest, her performance is exactly the appearance of tang Dynasty beauty I imagined.Elegant, dignified, generous, decent.You can say all kinds of nice things about her.Look at the appearance of life, amorous feelings.How many people, because of the beauty of yao niang into a pit, drunk in her acting again.Although the play is not much, but yao niang every time appear, must be the picture in “absolute C”.No one could take their eyes off her.To the later period, the reversal of the constancy of the identity, is called “2021 national drama title scene”!It shocked the audience and made them cry at the same time.After her end, there are even many fans love her, personally wrote for her to rewrite a perfect ending.Yao niang’s circle, also let her play Zhang Li, one night popular.She is excellent, vivid deduce, contradiction and sorrow to show incisively and vividly.After 15 years in the arts, this beautiful and acting “85 flower” has become famous.Fans moved, sister finally fire!Say, before yao niang, zhang Li still ever brush face in many big hot play.”Xin Hua Lu Fang”, she is the male hero on the road come across the big beauty Think qing.Not much, but enough to catch the eye.A pair of long and straight legs, there a station, the whole person agile, natural and unrestrained.In Great Expectations, she was little Kay again.Put on the cheongsam, twist water snake waist, passing big old men’s eyes to see straight.Small a Qiao on the surface is a romantic woman, and actually, she roam all year round between Shanghai politics and business, setting is powerful, it is worthy of the name big a elder sister.A shrewd calculation and a tough hand.He never loses a fight with a man, but he turns him around.After the late period and Shen Da together, she is like another person.Mature, stable and sensible.In the final scene where she bids farewell to Shen Da, she is restrained and restrained until her lover leaves.The drop of tears that slowly fell from the corner of his eye was a must.She’s the same character as before, can you imagine?Back in time, Zhang Li is still Miki in FHM.Appearance fashion is delicate, the heart is extremely pure however, “contrast meng” not too lovely!After discovering that she had been puA, she went to the other company and tore up the man who cheated on women’s feelings.Look at that is a cool!If you look at the roles Zhang has played over the years, you will find that she is very plastic.She has appeared in everything from seven fairies to talented girls, costume dramas to spy dramas and medical dramas.From ancient times to the present, she has performed almost all walks of life.In 2017, Zhang Li, along with Yang Mi, Dileba and Liu Yifei, was selected by South Korean media as China’s “Four Beauties of ancient Costume”!.In the play, Zhang Li walks through different characters and experiences their life stories.Outside the play, she dares to break through comfortable circle more, unlock new identity for oneself.In last year’s Masked Dancer, she took to the stage wearing a comic face.A golden fringed gown framed her graceful figure.At the end of a song, full applause.The guests praised her: dancing is walking famous painting.The judges also advised her not to waste her talent and learn how to dance.From then on, in zhang Li’s body, and a dancer’s label.This year, zhang Li plays after the yao niang out of the circle, a lot of people are curious: before ten years, zhang Li why did not fire all the time rise?In fact, her starting point is very high.Still studying in the drama, Zhang Li starred in the haiyan scriptwriter’s TV drama “Golden Earring”, is the first class to go out to take a play.After the play was broadcast, classmates called her “rock girl”.Later, she also starred in the popular IP “How much flowers in dreams”, the school reputation is rising.Zhang Li at that time, every day interviews, full schedule.Confident of her, she felt she had become a wrist!She turned a blind eye to her male classmates who were courting her.However, fate played a little joke on her.In 2009, when she was shooting New Never Close Eyes, Zhang li was under great psychological pressure. Every time she started work, she was afraid of being scolded by the director and rolled her eyes by the staff.Once proud, by reality one by one broken.After filming the show, Zhang said she never wanted to be an actress again.She didn’t do another play for two years.Later, it was Director Zhao Baogang who found her, late at night, counseling, and invited her to play Miki in Men.When filming, Zhao is again and again to help her comb the characters, figure out the rhythm of the performance.Two years later, again standing in front of the camera, near the boot, Zhang Li nervous trembling.After the first shoot, she looked out at the stars and said, I’m back.Over the next 10 years, Zhang went on to make 28 films.Even in the fierce desert car chase, she does not need a stunt double, in person.Hurt, tears, finally at the end of 2021, successfully seen by the audience.After the fire, countless scripts and resources to find zhang Li, in her hand, still hold several plays to be broadcast.A few days ago, she played the role of a couple with her boyfriend Li Zefeng in guan Xuan’s new drama All Things Considered.Zhang Li so many years of waiting and pay, finally is worth it.Career ups and downs, in the emotional life, Zhang Li also experienced many twists and turns.In 2014, she joined actor Wang Yangming in a love reality show called “Liming Couple”.In the show, the two travel together and play sports.Occasionally a look, a hand in hand, let the audience hit the screen.At the beginning of the program on Wang Yangming, zhang Li is completely ideal himself.Simple, clean, and occasionally a little surprise and romance.Sometimes, she says, you forget you’re filming a show and you’re actually in a relationship.After the show, they officially got together.Since then, many times the combined business, filming lovers.Wang even took Zhang back to his hometown to meet his family.Sadly, however, the romance only lasted a few months.Because two people work too busy, gather less from more, in a hurry to end.However, some tabloid reporters said the affair ended because Wang yangming unilaterally cheated on her.Anyhow, when Wang Yangming comes out marriage news, be asked by reporter whether can bless him, Zhang Li first time open response: friend marries certainly want blessing, not friend, did not have this necessity.Later, Zhang li in the filming of “Dear, I’m sorry”, and south Korean actor sparks.But in the end, the international relationship lasted only a year, and it ended badly.After experiencing two male friends, Zhang Li also realizes gradually: love is too unreliable, put idea on oneself body just be serious matter!In Butterfly Cemetery, the character was based on a dancer.To develop a dancer’s figure, Zhang spent one and a half months in the gym every day.Since then, she has fallen in love with working out and the feeling of sweat.She can do handstands, planks, aerial yoga.Apart from working out, Zhang is busy unlocking new skills every day.As an AB Gemini, she has a variety of hobbies.Sometimes riding a beloved scooter, through the streets.Sometimes just change into a professional racing suit and feel the speed and passion on the track.Sometimes, sit in the cockpit of a helicopter and look down on the village and fields from the sky.More recently, she has taken to skiing.Although he was a beginner, he soon skated well under the guidance of the coach.’It’s almost like riding a motorcycle,’ she says.Privately zhang Li, it can be said that heaven and earth, omnipotent.After writing Zhang Li, Gigi just want to say that her explosion is not accidental!She had waited 15 years for this day.From the young girl, to mature introverted woman.From the heart of the new high than the day, to skilled acting natural drama bone.Her journey has not been easy.In the past 15 years, she has never relaxed her demands and worked hard to improve her acting skills.A big step to explode others red, broken down into countless small steps, steadfast walk in front of each step.Present Zhang Li, have story, have experience, have amorous feelings.When fate offered her another opportunity, she grasped it firmly in her hand.So what if you’re 37?Life is more than days to come.Focus on me, update every day at home and abroad entertainment interesting information, take you to open eyes of the world

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