After beating Donald Trump 5-1 in the round of 8, She is the first to advance to the round of 4

The German Masters is in its final eight, with Fan Zhengyi vs Mark Allen, Trump vs Zhao Xintong, Richie Walton vs Karen Wilson, Yan Bingtao vs Ryan Day.The German masters eight strong, China’s army will among the three, let ding junhui, director of the luster, its young growth period, great relief, and China’s three people respectively, the fan is only one true two students face to the champions league mark Allen, nature is eggs touch stone – powder body bone, and small, against heart, past two people met, though small, two wins,However, this battle is not necessarily safe, because heart tong previously won the British Championship, and in this tournament, is the first round of the 5-3 beat king left hand Mark Williams, strength is growing, not to be underestimated.In addition, Bing Tao has a good chance of playing against Ryan Day, a former champion of three major ranking events. After all, Ryan Day is old and out of energy, and he beat Craigie 5-1 in the round of 16 against a mediocre opponent.Before the end of the final 8, Small Tong dare to say, the German Masters final four will be:Zhao tong, Karen Wilson, YanBingTao, mark Allen, however, may have fans think that small Tong is hindsight, so, small Tong or predict the final champion who, otherwise not subject to the, therefore made post card, the competition will be received by zhao heart boy classmates all don’t believe it, can be seen.Four rounds of the final eight are underway, with Little Tong focusing on the final four between Trump and Heartchild.Trump was out of touch in the first two rounds. Maybe he was too relaxed to play in the round of 64 because Chinese player Gao Yang retired and won the round of 64, and zhou Yuelong had no win in the round of 16.The third game, the heart child pick up accurate hand, then a close a release, calm calm, there will be into, but perhaps the ball style is too smooth, the mood is a little too relaxed, a shot close at hand red, accidentally shook the bag did not enter, regret to hand over the ball, at this time the score of 59:0.Small take over after the game, is still not a winner, almost same little red hang bag and not into a mouth, after heart boy students to learn, small red mouth also play out, but very surprise, should I throw straight and turns into the other side of the bag, on the heart child unstoppable, a shot to win, score 91:41, score 3:0, three cities in a row, the promotion is in sight, but the director of the camera kept on Trump, Trump was a little frustrated, lonely look.Office on the fourth, small, and the same, long fruitless, lily, still the heart tong students learn too laid-back, or made as carelessness and on board the big fear of jingzhou, one difficulty not ultra small black bag hang bag not into, finally let off sit stand not scratch gills and catch the ear of small got to fit the opportunity, both advances among,In the end, Terry netted a heart-boy error, missed snooker, and missed a key coffee shot to win 63-49 to go down 3-1 on total and avoid the embarrassment of losing four sets to none.The fifth, only a small huashan one way, leading to fit, but failed to win a rod, and then the big do defense articles, heart children’s classmates with kid gloves, a small red fruit ball, small heavy overhand opportunity, however, the state, poor, although a small red diagonal folded into the bag closer, but soon caocao to hand over the ball, but heart child easy to fit in withLong Taiwan yellow precision guidance and into and a red and a black, rod rod into, finally with a single rod 58, the score of 70:22, the total score of 4:1, the first to get match point, distance from the four strong, just a foot.Sixth inning, small long units all over the world, a road to black, long but failed to open, a small red bold lay on the bottom, then observe the heart child came to power, small Tong see he zuo si right amount, to play the small red mouth, as small Tong and all fans scratching their heads, children’s heart, not mouth small red and black side little red, smooth and into the light, so,The heart child is out of the ordinary!And children’s striding forward towards four heart, small, but only drink plain boiled water constantly hid her embarrassment, however, after heart child scored 52 points in a bar, subject to a bunch of little red bulk, had to turn by tapping, but even so, a little big deficit, ice water and god fan, I still feel the heart tong has master, close to the stage hands, unstoppable,A beautiful, flowing attack, a clear one, and finally two shots of 50+, 136-0 score, total 5:1, perfect finish, no surprise, no danger, high spirits to advance to the final four, and Trump was all temper, all face.Small Tong congratulations grandly in the children’s heart first to advance the German masters 4 is strong, is to continue to win, of course, the love of beauty of heart, the person all has, so, also want to see potts her little sister of this tournament final cutting, everybody agreed, might as well take a hand, add a powder, point a praise, because she is also essential to field a beautiful scenery.

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