Central European fund issued: do not recommend short-term rapid redemption

On February 14, the Products of The China-Europe Healthcare Fund managed by Glen were suddenly removed from the Alipay Gold List, which aroused the attention of the market.On The 15th, Red Star Capital Bureau learned that CEIeurope Fund posted on its official wechat official account “What else can we do in these difficult times…”, to answer the questions of some investors.In the article, The Central Europe fund advised investors “do not short-term rapid redemption”, said “from the point of view of the timing, the current is not a very good time to retreat, at the same time, many hot plate high valuation has also been digested.Valuations in most sectors are now at historically relatively reasonable or even undervalued levels.”As for the question of when to return to the capital, CEIb fund said that it had counted 596 partial stock mixed funds and common stock funds in the past five years, and found that after experiencing the biggest retreat, 96% of the funds returned to the early peak, among which the longest time spent about 2.36 years, the shortest time only 28 days.Ceibs fund said: “After experiencing a sharp correction, the fund is still likely to return capital, but the return of capital for a long time is short.But buying funds is not just about making money back. Facing an uncertain 2022, ‘defense’ may be safer than ‘offense.’In fund investment, it is recommended to pursue long-term stable compound interest through balanced allocation and risk diversification.”Finally, on the question of whether to add positions, CEIBS said: “This question depends on the circumstances.If at this stage is not optimistic about A shares and hold the fund, but also because of the recent volatility and sleepless, then do not rush to add positions;But if you are firmly optimistic about A shares and hold the fund and fund managers, and can withstand the volatility of the risk of holding the fund, then you can choose to fill positions on dips, because the reason is that fill positions on dips can help you quickly return blood by accumulating shares and amortizing costs.”Red Star news reporter Yu Yao Xie Yutong editor Yu Dongmei (download red Star news, report awards!

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