Cover screen, video and system!What are the updates to the OnePlus 10 Pro?

In daily use, there are many factors that affect the user experience, among which performance and system are the most important.In the current performance of hardware tends to be homogeneous, system experience has become an important factor affecting user experience, major manufacturers are in their own systems to add different tuning, in an attempt to create a difference in user experience through system upgrade and optimization.For example, OnePlus 10 Pro released years ago, as one of the most popular Snapdragon 8 flagships at present, is equipped with the latest ColorOS 12.1 system in the first place. Now, it has welcomed the new SYSTEM update push of A.09 version, so what will the new upgraded system bring to OnePlus 10 Pro?It can be seen from the details of the updated version that the onePlus 10 Pro updates the A.09 version of ColorOS 12.1, bringing some function optimization, stability and compatibility improvement.In terms of system functions, the new version adds 1Hz AOD, which can reduce standby power consumption in AOD scenarios by optimizing the refresh rate of the screen. In this way, the mobile phone screen can be kept on while saving energy, which is convenient for users to check the time and other information at any time, making this function more practical.On the camera side, the new ColorOS 12.1 version optimizes background blur in portrait mode, white balance for three-way camera front-facing shots, and image sharpness for night shots.After such a set of optimum combination, one plus 10 Pro camera power has been effectively upgrade, especially portraits and night shooting, bring obvious colour and quality improvement, coupled with the depth of the hasselblad image 2.0 optimization, imaging picture is clear and at the same time, colour also tend to be more real, very friendly to users like taking photos.It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the upgraded video performance, the new system also optimizes and improves the game experience by fixing the low probability of stuttering.To know itself one plus 10 Pro in fluency and gaming experience of performance has been recognized by many users thumb up and, via HyperBoost all link game frame stabilization technology, not only in the mainstream of the glory of the king, “peace elite” can keep steady frame running, even is a performance of the original god also has a good performance,Coupled with a quality screen with a maximum touch sampling rate of 1000Hz, all games have a smooth and pleasant experience.This time, the system has further repaired the lag problem and optimized the system fluency, further improving the actual experience of the phone, which is quite worth updating for the game party.So is the onePlus 10 Pro’s new system worth updating?From the feedback of the users who have tried the A.09 version of ColorOS 12.1, they are quite satisfied with the new system. They say that the temperature control of the phone is much better after the update, and the fluency is also improved to some extent. They suggest that “those who hold the OnePlus 10 Pro should update it”.It can be seen from the official introduction and user feedback that the newly upgraded ColorOS 12.1 A.09 version has greatly improved the actual experience of OnePlus 10 Pro, especially in the aspects of video and game. It provides effective solutions to the pain points of users and greatly improves user experience.At the same time, 1Hz AOD function is added to further reduce power consumption, which also makes it have a better performance in the use experience. Therefore, for the current users holding the OnePlus 10 Pro, we suggest you upgrade as soon as possible!Pro # # one plus 10

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