Domestic “small steel gun” less than 100,000, 6.95 seconds to break 100, trumpchi shadow leopard how strong?

The emergence of the Honda civic shortens the distance between the consumers and the performance of the car, although we all know that dynamic combination of 1.5 T + CVT not performance, but 000 accelerated more than 8 seconds can also be compared with a lot of 2.0 T car, let alone the civic price is in line with most consumer budgets, plus brand reputation, the civic in sales can be thousands more easily.The latest car to lower the bar is the Trumpchi Shadow Leopard.Today’s domestic brands have indeed made great progress compared to the past, with high configuration, strong power and a price that can be accepted by more people.Trumpchi Leopard market positioning is a compact car, the whole series launched a total of four models, the price range is 98,300 ~ 128,800 yuan;With an entry price of 129,900 yuan for the 2022 Civic, it’s clear that Shadow Leopard has a significant price advantage.In this issue, we will take the top-equipped version of 2021 270T Shadow Leopard J16 edition as an example to see what advantages it has compared to the Civic!In appearance, the audience of Shadow Leopard is more young users, so the appearance of the whole car reveals a strong offensive.The front face is very fierce, and the front grille adopts a multilateral structure, complemented by a straight waterfall in the middle of the net, while adding elements of imitation carbon fiber in the appearance, and some of the aerodynamic design, to give the foot a visual movement.The shape of the headlamp is identifiable. The longitudinal design of the daylight resembles the tusks of a cheetah.Both near and far light sources are LED, and are equipped with adaptive adjustment functions. The Civic also uses halogen light sources at the same price.Coming to the side of the body, the sense of visual movement is still very strong;The rear and roof of the car are designed with a sliding back. The appearance of the rearview mirror is coated with imitation carbon fiber, supplemented by the dynamic waist line of the body, as well as 225/45 R18 big-foot tires, plus the personalized aluminum alloy wheel rims, which makes the car more sporty than the Civic.Although the yellow caliper can further enhance the movement effect, but after all only caliper cover, not conducive to the overall heat dissipation.The sporty feeling of the tail shape is reflected in the real bilateral four exhaust tail throat of the lower bar, and its own exhaust valve, which can simulate the sound of a performance sports car, and is also a small configuration to please young users.The shape of the taillight is blackened and looks sporty.Entering the car, compared with any joint venture car at the same price, it is obvious that the interior materials of Shadow Leopard are very solid.The central console adopts asymmetrical design and is wrapped with more soft materials. In the central console area, the mirror imitation carbon fiber texture decorative plate can reflect the movement movement, and the one-button start with red appearance, as well as the bright yellow seat belt, the interior sports atmosphere is strong enough.The shape of the steering wheel is very simple, using the three-spoke flat bottom structure, in the use of leather material to wrap, at the same time, the three-nine position to make a hole processing, is conducive to breathable and anti-skid.The 10.25-inch dual-screen in the center console shows the interior’s smarts, and it’s rare to be able to display tire temperature as well as four tire pressure readings.Unlike the mid and low versions, which support rich mobile connectivity, the high models are built with rich software that supports car networking and remote upgrades.Switch the driving mode to SPORT+, the screen can display the five circuit tables of oil pressure, cooling water temperature, turbine pressure, transmission oil temperature and intake temperature, and then open the SPORT exhaust valve, creating a feeling of opening supercar immediately.As a top matching model, the functional configuration is naturally rich.Equipped with L2 driver assistance, front and rear radar, 360° hologram, shift paddles, keyless entry, remote start, wireless charging for mobile phones, front seat heating, and main driver’s seat memory.A camera is also designed at the position of pillar A of the driving position, which will alert the driver when detecting inattention, thus improving driving safety.The rear row space of Shadow Leopard is relatively large, the length of the seat cushion can play enough support for the thigh, the middle design is armrest and headrest, and the middle floor is not high, even if it is full, it will not appear crowded.The small front skylight is larger than a normal skylight, while the rear windshield extends forward so that the headspace doesn’t feel constricted.The space of the trunk is very orderly, the rear seats support 4/6 proportion split down, the ductility of the whole trunk space is also quite considerable.In terms of power, the 1.5T giant wave engine installed by this Shadow Leopard has a maximum power of 130kW, a maximum torque of 270N·m, and a maximum horsepower of 177Ps. The transmission is matched with 7-gear dual clutch, and the official zero hundred acceleration is 6.95 seconds.Although the actual measurement is 1 second slower than the original calibration, it can be seen that Shadow Leopard does have a better acceleration strength than civic. The comprehensive fuel consumption of NEDC is as low as 5.7L/100km, and it can use no. 92 gasoline, and the use cost is not high at the same level.The suspension part is equipped with a front McPherson, after the multi-link structure;As a sport car, the driving texture of Shadow Leopard does not completely focus on the adjustment of sports attributes. After all, it is still a family car category, and more importantly, it takes the middle value between comfort and movement into consideration.Moreover, the original tires are not suitable for intense driving, so Yingbao also provides optional Michelin performance tires (optional 3000 yuan, including 18 inches of smoked black wheels), so as to meet the driving requirements of drivers.In the end, there is no reason why Shadow Leopard can be popular in the domestic market. The starting price of 98,300 yuan further lowers the threshold and provides consumers with new choices.Extremely aggressive front face with rich movement elements, the interior is full of intelligent configuration to take into account the space comfort that family car pays attention to.It is understood that in 2022, Shadow Leopard will also launch 2.0T and gas-electric hybrid versions, if the price is appropriate, the competitiveness of civic in the domestic market will obviously be weakened, we may wish to look forward to.

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