For Bayern, red Bull Salzburg has one good side apart from their weakness, and you can see it on the map

Midweek, the Champions League is back in action.I believe that the big guns are ready to start.The focus of attention must be real Madrid and Greater Paris, after all, on paper, this is the closest match, full of unknown and variable.In comparison, other matches will also be exciting, but because the strength of the two sides are somewhat different, so it is not as eye-catching as Real Madrid in Paris.It’s no wonder. It’s only the eighth round. It’s still going to be fun.However, there is only one other showdown where the gap between Bayern Munich and Red Bull Salzburg has been so wide.When the draw was made last year, the world marveled at bayern’s gift package.Obviously, Red Bull Salzburg are the weakest team in the last 16, and don’t even have to add one.Also, the Austrian league is not as good as the big five, not even the Bundesliga, not even the Portuguese, not even the European fringe league.Bayern, on the other hand, have been one of the strongest teams in Europe since they won six titles two years ago.Arguably, this is the most suspenseful showdown, and if Bayern were eliminated, it would be the worst cold in decades.In fact, this is also a compensation for Bayern.Last season Bayern were drawn to Greater Paris and eliminated from the Champions League early.And this season, Bayern signed a 180 degree u-turn, let real Madrid Manchester United and other teams envy.In fact, Bayern this opponent, in addition to weak, there is a good, let Bayern very comfortable.Open a map of Europe and it all becomes clear.The whole of Europe is about the same size as China, slightly larger.Although there are no big European countries other than Russia, which straddles the Eurasian continent, it would take a lot of trouble for teams from eastern and Western Europe to meet once.This is just like our domestic cross-provincial long-distance trip, it is better to be near, but if we catch up with Heilongjiang and go to Guangdong, we will spend a lot of time on the plane.For the most part, the champions League quarterfinals were not close.Even in a game like Real Madrid versus Greater Paris, France and Spain have a border, but Paris is in the north of France and Madrid is in the middle of Spain, so the two cities are actually quite far apart.This is the situation of two countries bordering, like Inter milan to Liverpool, England and Italy not only do not border, but also cross the sea, there are several countries between, although it is also a plane, but within the scope of Europe, it can also be considered a long journey.What about Bayern and Red Bull Salzburg?Look at the map.Germany shares a border with Austria and Bayern is in the south of the country.It is obvious from the map that Munich and Salzburg are very close to each other, even closer than some cities in northern Germany.In other words, a Bundesliga game for Bayern would probably take longer than this champions League trip.In fact, the so-called good sign, in addition to the strength of the opponent factors, there is a distance and away environment factors.For example, the same strength is not strong team, the Russian Super league or Turkish super league team, maybe no one would like to touch.Go to Russia competition, perhaps will encounter heavy snow, and the climate is cold, their own strength can play out of seven or eight good achievements.The Turkish team’s home atmosphere and environment is a nightmare for all visiting teams.So for Bayern, red Bull Salzburg could not have been better.Weak and short, what more could Bayern ask for?Let’s just say uefa has been very kind this time.Having said that, bayern don’t want to pull the crotch in the next game.The 4-2 defeat to Bochum in the bundesliga last time round has been a wake-up call for them.Sometimes being too comfortable is not always a good thing.

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