How would you rate an Uncharted movie?

First above series “mysterious waters” series is SAO “monopolize the classic” in the game, you and SAO solution are also spare no effort to launch a series of the second, third, fourth, and even said gaiden, and derivative works. Of course is not enough, it introduced the game movie adaptation of a mysterious waters, circle of a wave of money again.In a few days before the party organizations, the media was carried out at will, as a result is very disappointed, media viewer after it has not been moved by stories, given the equipartition of 42, and on the other side, representing the audience view of rotten tomatoes, its freshness and only 44%, below: everyone agreed that “the” mysterious waters “movie plot childish, narrative rhythm,It lacks the necessary characterization of the characters and, more importantly, the film seems completely disconnected from the game itself. “There’s a certain distance,” he says.Therefore, how to maintain the extension of the game, to achieve reasonable grafting based on the game film, and to achieve innovation, it is not easy.Expecting more games to hit the big screen, for better or worse, is a rare moviegoing experience.Isn’t it?Thanks for your support!Good night, everyone!See you tomorrow!

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