Hubei Jingshan Jingjing Calcium Industry nano calcium carbonate Industrial Park phase II project started

The 2022 powder surface modification Technology training exchange meeting will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on April 21-22, 2022. Please pay attention to the OFFICIAL number “Powder Technology network”, involving non-metallic mineral powder enterprises:Calcium carbonate, silica powder, talc, barite, wollastonite, kaolin, bentonite, dolomite, limestone, wollastonite, mica, diatomite, sepiolite, tourmaline, etc.;Functional powder enterprises: Magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, white carbon, iron oxide red, pearlite mica, zinc oxide, fly ash, nano powder, etc.Pharmaceutical and equipment enterprises;Powder filler application enterprise;Other enterprises that need powder surface modification.On February 15, the 2022 Key construction projects of Jingshan City, Hubei province, “a good start” and the commencement activities of the second phase of The Beijing-Beijing Calcium Industry were held. Twenty-six major projects, including the second phase of the Beijing-Beijing Calcium Nanoparbonate Industrial Park and high-end series of marble plates, were started.It is reported that Beijing Calcium industry nano calcium carbonate industrial Park phase II project covers an area of 260 mu, a total investment of 910 million yuan, plans to build 100,000 tons of degradable nano new materials and 300,000 tons of calcium silicate hydrate production line, production of light calcium carbonate, nano calcium carbonate, active calcium silicate series products, to achieve annual output value of 3 billion yuan, profit and tax 300 million yuan.The completion and operation of the project will certainly promote the expansion of the new material industry, improve the quality of the industrial chain further extension.Beijing Beijing calcium industry co., LTD. Is located in jingshan lake city wild goose gate town TaiHe Village three groups, was founded in March 2017, the company’s total investment 1.18 billion yuan, the construction of nanometer calcium carbonate with two industrial park, one of the main construction phase of the project investment of 270 million yuan RMB 120000 tons 100000 tons of calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, 50000 tons of 200000 tons of coarse whiting, putty powder, etc. Series of products production line,Construction started in January 2018, trial production started in April 2020, and now it has the ability to reach the production standard.

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