In the name of the people: Zhao Ruilong is not afraid of Gao Yuliang, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee. Why is he so afraid of his second sister

Zhao Ruilong in han East call the wind and rain, arrogant, even tang Tang provincial party committee deputy secretary Gao Yuliang are not in the eye, but to his two elder sister behaved, why will be so?In zhao Ruilong’s eyes, Gao Yuliang is just a pawn.Without zhao ruilong, Gao Yuliang would not have been the deputy secretary of the Handong Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee.When the luzhou lake food city project, mayor Li Dakang did not approve, and the municipal party secretary Gao Yuliang approved.Therefore, Zhao Ruilong transferred Li Dakang through operation, gao Yuliang not only stayed in Luzhou, but also successfully promoted to the standing Committee of The Handong Provincial Party Committee, and later became the deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee.In a word, Gao Yuliang can have today without Zhao Ruilong.After sha Ruijin parachuted, in view of the lake food city demolition problem, Zhao Ruilong invited Gao Yuliang to discuss, he had to run over a provincial deputy secretary, let it lose face, but helpless.If Gao Yuliang does not come, then Zhao Ruilong will certainly drive the car rushed to his door, the impact is not good.Gao Yuliang was especially afraid of Zhao Ruilong suddenly appearing at his door, so he had to condescend to the banquet.Zhao Ruilong mentioned the past, gao Yuliang anger from the heart, cursed him, said han East personnel arrangements can not be your backseat.Gao Yuliang is very afraid of Zhao Ruilong, especially Shari Gold parachuted after often hide him.Zhao Ruilong let Gao Yuliang fear, but very afraid of his two elder sister, dare not, a phone call had to follow orders, why so?First, his second sister communicated with Zhao Lichun and Zhao Ruilong.Zhao Lichun has three children, except for two daughters, who belong to Zhao Ruilong.Zhao Lichun has only one boy, so he loves Zhao Ruilong very much.Li Dakang had been transferred to Lincheng from Lyuzhou, Zhao Lichun personally sent him, during the talk about this matter, said the home only one Zhao Ruilong, there is no way!Zhao Lichun attaches special importance to Zhao Ruilong, otherwise li Dakang will not be transferred.In addition to this matter, Zhao Ruilong to business, no funds, he arranged handong oil and gas group chairman and general manager Liu Xinjian responsible.What Zhao Ruilong wants, Zhao Lichun basically will satisfy.But the two are not in constant contact, but through an intermediary, Zhao ruilong’s second sister.Zhao Ruilong is responsible for the business outside, and his two elder sister basically stays in Zhao Lichun’s side, one what wind moves will contact Zhao Ruilong for the first time.Why didn’t Zhao Lichun directly contact Zhao Ruilong by phone?May have a relationship with Zhao Lichun level.He used to be the party secretary of Handong Province, and then he was a vice-state level cadre. Cadres at this level would have many rules, and they could not just call to deal with private matters. In addition, zhao Ruilong was doing something wrong.So Zhao did not contact Zhao directly, but asked his second daughter to inform him.This will help Zhao Ruilong and prevent others from tracking him down.If Zhao Ruilong out of the problem, Zhao Lichun can also think of a way to rescue!Second, his two elder sister helped a lot, many times did not drop the chain.Qi Tongwei in the landscape manor dinner Hou Liangping, Zhao Ruilong is going to kill him, the sniper is ready, just wait for his command, Hou Liangping may not be safe, the critical moment his two sister called, stopped his action, warned not to misbehave, otherwise who can not help him.When the assassination attempt failed, he told cho to go outside to hide, but he was unable to leave Gyeongju.When he was at a loss, his second sister called again and let him go to Luzhou to leave.At that time zhao Ruilong did not believe it, the result was scolded, insisted that he go there to try.In Luzhou international airport, as expected someone came to contact, and finally left handong successfully.Without the help of his two elder sister, Zhao Ruilong is afraid to have been captured by Zhao Donglai, director of the Public security Bureau of Beijing City.If so, Li Dakang may send Zhao Ruilong to Shari Gold, then I’m afraid I can no longer come out.Later, he returned to Handong from Hong Kong, thinking that he would be safe after handing over the Lake Food City, but was unexpectedly arrested by the provincial procuratorate.In Zhao Ruilong back to han Dong on the road, the people of the provincial procuratorate has been tracking him, the hotel is more personal supervision, what is the wind and grass, Sand Ruijin are clear.In the transfer agreement to the acting mayor of Luzhou City easy to learn, his two elder sister called, said he was fooled, let him run quickly, but has been unable to return, monitor his people report to Ji Changming, after reporting to Sharijin, instructed them to close the net, Zhao Ruilong was arrested!It was not his second sister’s late notice that was to blame, but Sharijin’s concealment was too deep, and no one could see into his mind.When Zhao Ruilong came back from Hong Kong, whose notice was useless, doomed to escape!The way his second sister treated him, apart from blood ties, they also had business ties.Luzhou lake food city is not zhao Ruilong a person, his sister, two sister have shares, it had told Li Dakang said.In addition to not wanting to see her own brother go to prison, his second sister also hoped to preserve her wealth, but she failed in the end.Lake food city was finally demolished, and Zhao Ruilong and Zhao Lichun were arrested and put in prison, one death penalty, the other life imprisonment, but she did not matter!

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