Jilin Institute of Animation photography in 2017

In 2017, jilin animation college photography professional 考 试题 1, fill in the blank.The larger the aperture coefficient, the more aperture.2. “No. 30 Green Pepper” and “Shells” are the works of master photographers.3. The standard lens for the 135 is.4. The picture that shows the main body of the adult human body or the whole scene is the scene.5. Photography was invented.6. Color temperature is a concept that represents spectral components and a state of light.7. The author of “Big eyes” photography works in project Hope photography documentary is.8. Among the seven colors of “red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple”, the color lightness is the highest and the lowest.9. To exaggerate the foreground, it’s best to use a lens.1. What are the functions of the shutter?2. Comparative analysis of the characteristics of wide Angle lens and telephoto lens.3. Analyze the emotional symbolic significance of white and green with examples.4. What are the three attributes of color?And what do they mean?Answer a, fill in the blanks 1. Small 2. Weston 50mm4.Panorama 1839 8 19 Daguerre 6. Color composition 7. Xie Hailong 8.1. What are the functions of shutter?The main function of the shutter is to control the exposure and “solidify” the moving image.The slower the shutter speed, the greater the exposure, the faster the speed, the less exposure;The faster the shutter, the more you can capture the transient stillness of a moving object.2. Comparative analysis of the characteristics of wide Angle lens and telephoto lens.(1) The basic characteristics of the wide Angle lens is: the lens perspective is large, the field of vision is wide, from a point of view to observe the scope of the scene is much larger than the human eye at the same point of view;Long depth of field, which can show a considerable range of clarity;Can emphasize the perspective effect of the picture, good at exaggerating the prospect and the performance of the scenery’s sense of distance, which is conducive to enhance the appeal of the picture.(2) Long focal length lens shooting has three characteristics: first, the Angle of view is small.Therefore, the shooting of the scene space scope is also small, in the same shooting distance, the image is larger than the standard lens, suitable for filming the details of distant scenery and filming not easy to approach the subject.Second, the depth of field is short.Therefore, the subject in a chaotic environment can be highlighted.However, it is difficult to focus accurately. If the focus is slightly inaccurate during shooting, the subject will be blurred.Third, the perspective effect is poor.This kind of lens has the characteristic that obviously compresses the space depth distance and exaggerates the rear scene.3. Analyze the emotional symbolic significance of white and green with examples.(1) White: white represents purity and holiness, but it is easy to produce a sense of expansion of the color, giving people a sense of purity, quietly elegant, decent, showing not allowed to pollute the aloof posture, the most emotional, the most symbolic significance.However, it is also a color that emphasizes shortcomings.The applicable scope of white is mainly recreational occasions, some social occasions are also applicable.(2) Green: Green is the color of nature, known as the color of life, it is full of life vitality to bring infinite hope, is the color of youthful vitality.It can increase the peace and comfort of the mind, calm the happy and comfort the unhappy.Green is also an internationally recognized symbol of peace and security.4. What are the three attributes of color?And what do they mean?The three properties of color refer to the hue, lightness and purity of color.Three attributes are the basis of color sensory recognition and flexible application of three attributes is the basis of color design.(1) hue.Hue refers to the colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and so on. The names of these colors are usually called hue.(2) the brightness.Lightness refers to the brightness of color.The higher the lightness, the stronger the color, the brighter.The lower the lightness, the darker the color, the darker.The colour with highest lightness is white, the colour with lowest lightness is black, all are colorless.Have chromatic lightness, the person that is closer to white is taller, the person that is closer to black is lower.Colors are yellow, orange, green, red, blue and purple when they are arranged in order of brightness.(3) Purity (chroma).Color purity (chroma), that is, vividness, refers to the saturation of color, if a color to be black, white, gray to reconcile, its saturation will drop, and no longer bright, the lower the saturation is lower chroma, completely without black, white, gray color, known as pure color, chroma is the highest.”Chroma” and “lightness”, in degree also divided into “high, medium and low” three sensory stages, no color black, white, gray, there is no concept of color chroma, but only the concept of lightness.More photography exam questions, pay attention to wechat public number: Photography exam training camp

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