Lest the world be in disorder!The Kremlin’s response to the HEADLINE “Russian invasion of Ukraine” was unrelenting

The United States is still making a big deal about Ukraine’s problems in the east, but that’s not enough for the American media.After the United States proposed to prepare thousands of additional troops, the US media openly displayed the headline “Russian troops start invasion war” on their official websites, as if it was not a big deal to watch the excitement.To this, the Russian Palace directly responded to a sentence, the rumor of the Us media back into silence.Guancha.cn reported on Wednesday that on the morning of the same day, the U.S. media Bloomberg posted the headline “Russian troops have moved to Ukraine.”Although the headline was only in existence for 30 minutes before it was taken down by the media outlet, many readers spotted the false report.In response, the Russian government said that the US media has always been good at using “imagined” things to report, and that Bloomberg has been synonymous with “fake news” ever since.After being ridiculed by the Russian government, the US media corrected the “false report” and apologized to all readers, but it still aroused the concern of many readers who are concerned about the situation in Ukraine.Many readers, already concerned about the situation in Ukraine, had their hearts in their mouths when they saw such reports.In particular, some Ukrainians living abroad and those far from eastern Ukraine, after seeing such reports, have urgently contacted their relatives and friends, urging them to immediately leave Ukraine.Reading Bloomberg’s apology, these readers were understandably angry.Some of them directly argued that what qualifies a media at this level to report international news when it does nothing but exploit readers’ fears to create attention.In fact, this is not the first time the American media has done this.At that time, when the US government put forward the war theory of “100,000 Russian troops on display along the border”, the US media reported that they had seen the actions of Russian troops, and the entire eastern Ukraine was in danger. They even published military photos of the actions of Russian troops.In fact, the so-called photographic evidence is nothing more than the official photos of the Russian military’s previous actions, and in order to hype things that do not exist, these American media will not hesitate to make up facts.It has to be said that the Reason why the American media do so is because of the influence of the American government.It was the U.S. government, not the U.S. media, that first raised the “war theory.”At the time, a White House spokesman said that American satellites had captured the movements of Russian troops and equipment sent to the border, and that it was planning a future invasion.Even though the Russian government repeatedly stressed that there was no such action and pointed out that it had the right to mobilize soldiers in its own country, the US did not listen to it. It did not revise its dangerous remarks and even invited European countries to participate in “military confrontation” on the grounds of this.Such incidents directly show that the United States itself has no intention of appeasement, but only to highlight the Russian threat.Fortunately, European countries do not fully agree with the “war theory” put forward by the United States, especially Germany and France, and even sneer at the war hyped by the United States.Among them, the German government said that even if there is a war, Germany will not participate in it, nor will it provide any weapons, because such action will not help stabilize the local situation, and may even trigger a war.Unlike Germany, the French government bluntly pointed out that NATO had become “an American instrument” that no longer served Europe’s interests.The French president said at the European Parliament, “Europe needs to go its own way and eliminate the INFLUENCE of the United States on Europe,” stressing that Europe will lose its core values if it follows the United States.I have to say that with the exposure of the incident, more and more European countries have understood the INTENTION of the United States. To understand the United States is to use Europe as a sharp knife to “cut Russia”.But Europe has made up its own mind and is no longer willing to “power for love” with the United States.

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