Liupanshui Roewe RX8 car discount 20,000 yuan, welcome to appreciate

Enjoy the bold and unrestrained, wanton off-road, control freedom, embrace the blue sky, open Roewe RX8, free control to enjoy.From now on to buy can enjoy: cash gift: 20000 yuan cash discount financial gift: enjoy 2 years 0 interest increase for purchase gift: two drive to high enjoy 12000 yuan increase for purchase subsidies exclusive service gift: 6 times a year on behalf of driving services RX8 has 8 big different: different modelling: Roewe dynamic luxury design language, lingfeng waist line, stretch tail.Different luxury: the world’s precious materials: imported young bull a-grade leather, North American black walnut, great Xing ‘an Mountain spruce.From famous artisans: Germany Bader traditional craft, CHANEL Classic diamond.Different configuration: Blue core efficient 2.0T direct injection engine, make urban driving and off-road escape more powerful!Different space: the width of 1930mm brings different comfort to the spacious cabin: automatic air purification system — complete purification in 3 minutes Different technology: the leading dual screen system — 7-inch interactive virtual meter + 10.1-inch IPS HD charming color large screen.Different performance: all-field road condition adaptation system (six modes), maximum wading depth of 800mm.Roewe RX8 can easily handle all kinds of road conditions by commuting to the countryside and the city.Different safety: The 16-bit Continental ESC, the same as the luxury car, surpasses the equivalent braking distance of 38m.Roewe RX8 has a cross-country heart, strong appearance and non-bearing body, strength, power is not empty.We sincerely invite you and your family to come to test drive (for details, please contact us).Address: No. 9 hongshan Road, Hongqiao New Area, Liupanshui city, Guizhou Province400-152-2796 promotion time from February 10, 2022 to February 28, 2022 Roewe RX8 latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Liupanshui offer 30T two-drive Super Group Elite edition 168,800 yuan 2,800 yuan 148,800 yuan 30TTwo-drive supergroup flagship edition 178,800 yuan 2.00 yuan 158,800 yuan 30T intelligent networking two-drive supergroup flagship edition 188,800 yuan 2.00 yuan 168,800 yuan 30T four-drive supergroup through edition 198,800 yuan 2.00 yuan 178,800 yuan 30TIntelligent network four-drive supergroup flagship edition 208,800 yuan 2.00 yuan 188,800 yuan 30T intelligent network four-drive supergroup Supreme edition 228,800 yuan 2.00 yuan 208,800 yuan

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