Lynk owners have words: four years of use, the most satisfied is safety

As the fragrant momo of 200,000-class family SUV, Lynk 01 has a very high topic in the whole Internet. There are various opinions on the Internet. Some people say that it is invincible with the configuration and texture of the same level, and some people say that it does not work either.In fact, such a situation is very common, but we receive too much homogenous information at once, it will be difficult to identify the authenticity of a car, the cognition of a car may become increasingly blurred.In fact, the most fundamental way to know whether a car is good or not is to find someone who really knows it, such as the owner who accompanies it every day.Recently, a lot of netizens left messages asking me to talk about LYNk 01. In view of my lack of knowledge about this car, I invited the old owner of Lynk 01 to share his car experience with you.The client doesn’t want to be identified, so let’s use the code name “Car owner”.Owner A is A young man struggling in A second-tier city. Due to work and life needs, he bought lynk 01 Yao Pro version in November 2018.According to him, lynk 01 was extremely popular at that time, and even had to raise the price to pick up the car. When buying a car, lynk 01 Yao Pro model had almost no discount. Some people had to spend about 3,000 yuan to pick up the car, while his landing price was 200,000 yuan.According to owner A, lynk 01 is A well-balanced car with few disadvantages, but all the advantages are as expected, such as power, handling, comfort and safety.For him, lynk 01 completely meets almost all his requirements for a car, and even hits his preference for this car in terms of safety and driving experience that he pays attention to.Safety first, owner A said: “The active brakes on the LYNk 01 have cost me my life.”I was following a car on the road, but the automatic braking function of lynk intervened to save me from rear-end collision.”This is a typical case. For the driver, when pedestrians, animals or other obstacles suddenly appear in front of the car, the instinctive reaction is to brake or swerve to avoid.If the brake is sharp, the car behind is likely to cause a rear-end collision due to delayed reaction;If it is a rush direction, the vehicle may lose control of the rollover or collision with the adjacent lane of the vehicle.These two cases, light vehicle damage, heavy vehicle destruction, especially when there is a large vehicle, the consequences are more serious.However, fortunately, Link 01 is equipped with up to 20 intelligent driver assistance systems, including ACC adaptive cruise system with queuing function, BSD blind spot monitoring system, AEB active emergency brake system with pedestrian recognition, CVW vehicle fast approach warning system, etc., which can be seen as arming safety to the teeth.Among them, the AEB active emergency brake system is the “savior” that car owner A said saved its life.Equipped with AEB active emergency brake system, Linke 01 has microwave radar, laser radar and video system in front of the vehicle, which can transmit real-time and accurate road condition information to the driver through the video system. When the distance between the front obstacle and the vehicle is less than 6 meters, the driver will be warned.And before the driver has time to step on the brake pedal, the vehicle automatically brake quickly, so as to avoid the occurrence of collision.In terms of driving texture, the owner A also gave high evaluation:”G 01 in the car gives a person the feeling is really very luxurious, particularly in terms of sound insulation, open to more than 100 cases on the motorway, in-car noise is not large, front row exchange is very relaxed, and brought the g 01 and swallow of the sound, making the sound is very good, and the vehicle itself harshness (NVH) inhibitory is also very good, very feel senior car.”Finally, car owner A summed up:Led g 01 or a fairly on car, he from the car to over 4 years now, the cumulative travel more than 60000 kilometers, but never have brought g 01 in behind him, halfway to save and the actual fuel consumption than expected, in urban areas and auxiliary high-speed road, can run out of hundreds of kilometers of fuel consumption, 8.5 L for a 2.0 T SUV, very perfect.

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