Miha has changed artists?Big brother damask person change 0 people, official bo was rushed 2W comments?

I found that most of the new characters in popular games are difficult to win over the public after they are released, and they are often criticized. In the past, some new versions of the king’s official blog were also criticized.Now the original Shenhe official blog also has the same flavor, Shenhe was sprayed bitter, the eight weight is not good enough to look at, after the release of the damask girl stand drawing was seduced by the girl, that official blog has been sprayed more than 1.7 million, compared to shenhe’s strength is a little bit smaller, but the general trend is not satisfied, the big brother’s image is a little bit less interesting.On the one hand, the character is strange and the face is too feminine. On the other hand, the action is not manly enough, so it is quite different from the psychological expectations of many players.But speaking of truth, now the large probability of painting niang is the new player just entered, after all, speaking of gender is not divided, line autumn is much more exaggerated than the damask, how many people thought line autumn is a girl?However, the damask knew that this was a boy, with gorgeous clothes and shoulder armor, and combat elements.So if there is something wrong with ayanami’s painting, Saya thinks that the face is too “idol drama painting style”, if the face is changed to a female game will not be out of place.And clock from, a bucket and even toma roles, each role has a personal style, although is not strong man, at least not niang, twill people this style should be loved by many of the new female players, but this is still spray, basic is old players can’t accept, it count from thumb up can see come out, ShenHe is spray hot tip is common, the only LiuQiQian,Side shows the ratio of old and new players, planning to cater to the new players like to make damask, this may be the right bet.However, compared to Ayanami and Toma, it seems that there are more old players who think Toma is more handsome, and there are only 0 old players who think Toma is more handsome. It can only be said that there are so many characters in the original God, it is impossible for every character to satisfy everyone, as long as the expected audience is satisfied, the character will basically stand.In general, I think the damask art is OK, not unacceptable.And there is a big gap between character modeling and vertical drawing, maybe modeling is normal?This point can be seen from the user’s blurring modeling in the game, the game has long hair, not female, but a little kill matt feeling.Are you satisfied with the damask art?Finally, don’t forget to get 300 raw stone exchange codes.Ask for a thumbs-up attention ~

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