One didn’t run. Done

“Now people who have cars to handle traffic management business, do not run to the city traffic management detachment of the vehicle, to the nearby police station can do.”Not long ago, living in panjin City xinglong Tai District ecological park community of citizens Mr. Zhao, personally feel the people at the door of the “DMV” to bring convenience, fast.Originally, Mr. Zhao because the vehicle caused a minor accident license plate damage, heard that the Huibin police station car management business window can be handled for the business license plate, he drove to the Huibin police station early in the morning, only with more than ten minutes, got a new license plate.He said happily, “In the past, we had to ask for at least half a day’s leave for a round trip of 70 or 80 kilometers to Sweetwater. Now we can do it as soon as possible nearby. It is very convenient to finish it in a short time.”Since the police station handled the traffic management business, it has greatly facilitated the masses.At the beginning of 2021, Panjin city took the lead in the province to realize 16 traffic management business delegated to grassroots police stations for handling, the city’s 47 police stations to create the “doorstep of the vehicle management office” throughout urban and rural areas.Small certificates are related to people’s livelihood. There are 480 police stations in our province that can handle the business of vehicle driving management by implementing the service mode of “close to home” like this.In the past year, the provincial public security organ to business environment construction as the center of police and rule by law “head” project, carry out “to further optimize the business environment construction of rule by law” activities, fully use intelligent means to solve the “hard work and not convenient” the slow, run back and forth, such as problems, extend convenient service to the grass-roots public security administrative service station,At present, 3,588 community (village) police offices can handle eight types of matters, including the issuance of resident identity cards.The provincial public security organs have handled more than 1.294 million cases of various businesses through five service modes of “GovHK check, one-network check, one-window check, door-to-door check and 24-hour self-service”, fully allowing the masses and enterprises to enjoy the dividend of reform, and truly realizing the principle of “getting things done without running errands”.The enterprise service station escorts the safe production of enterprises.The enterprise calls, the public security responds.In the past year, the provincial public security organs, while maintaining the safety of enterprise production, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and cracking down on illegal crimes, based on the needs of enterprises and responding to the expectations of the masses, built and applied 36 “one-stop” police workstations stationed in enterprises, covering 1,233 large, regulated and high-tech enterprises and more than 670,000 employees and the masses.In order to promote the service position to move closer to enterprises and employees, Anshan Anshan Public Security Bureau angang Branch has set up a stationing police station in Angang to vigorously implement the “zero distance” and “one-stop” police service mode. It is one of the stationing service stations with the most complete functions and the most advanced equipment among state-owned large enterprises in the province.Workstation of the construction of the public security administrative licensing “one-stop” service hall, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan visa buffet, id photo, fill do, traffic illegal queries, capture expends, the driver physical examination and other service functions in an organic whole, can satisfy the worker deals with public security business demand “one-stop” services, placed by self-help business equipment handling,The implementation of the id card, temporary ID card, driving license, traffic law punishment and other public security administrative business handled nearby, greatly simplified procedures, save the handling time.In order to further facilitate enterprises and employees to handle affairs, the workstation to create a 24-hour service mode, truly achieve the “enterprise can do it, employees come to do it immediately, far away from the door” working mode, effectively let enterprises on the workstation construction results visible, tangible, feel.Police into the enterprise to guide drivers to apply for electronic driving license.Xiaobian notes to streamline administration, open the door to benefit the people.The changes in public security government services have been felt most deeply by enterprises and the general public.A string of data, one item of results, confirmed the province’s public security organs continue to deepen the development and progress of the reform of “decentralization”.”Let the data run more, let the masses run less errands”, “move your fingers, free your legs”, instead of “road” to “network”, has become the new normal of public security affairs.With sincere and warm reforms, businesses and the people will also gain a real sense of happiness and gain.

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