Spring Festival Travel Story: Busy Changshui considerate service

The 2022 Spring Festival holiday has ended smoothly.Recently, the author learned from the terminal Area management department of Kunming Changshui International Airport that the security task of the 2022 Spring Festival holiday has been successfully completed according to the general deployment and requirements of the Airport’s Spring Festival holiday.During the Spring Festival, Kunming Airport guaranteed 3,393 inbound and outbound flights with a passenger throughput of 352,312.The business jet terminal ensures 40 inbound and outbound flights with a passenger throughput of 158.S1 Satellite Office guaranteed 203 inbound and outbound flights with a passenger throughput of 21,122.A working plan for strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control in 100 days has been issued by the administration of Terminal Area on the eve of the Spring Festival. It also includes a guarantee plan for the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush, the Spring Festival, the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.To adhere to the “outside the input, the rebound, the character with the” total strategy, adhere to the combination of normalized prevention and control and emergency disposal, adhere to the scientific and accurate, to tighten completes the disease prevention and control, strengthen the key links of SARS prevention and control, strengthening personnel flow control, strengthening emergency ability, ensure the kunming airport security defense of epidemic situation to relax during the Spring Festival,Terminal area management department and all departments held a pre-holiday special meeting to mobilize and deploy.After the meeting, combined with the actual work, the on-site support departments worked out the Spring Festival holiday work plan, and strengthened the pre-holiday inspection and on-duty preparation to ensure that the safety service in the building was stable and controllable.In order to carry forward the traditional culture, create a festive atmosphere, and further dress up the image of businesses in the terminal, actively create a lively festive atmosphere, the terminal businesses in the shops hanging lanterns, colorful lanterns, golden tigers, and launched a wealth of promotional activities.They put out all kinds of New Year goods to create a shopping environment in the terminal, creating a full shopping experience for consumers.Starbucks, Meizhenxiang and Yami have opened their stores one after another, providing more convenient shopping experience and more shopping choices for travelers during the Spring Festival travel rush with a “new image and new look”.T1 information counter and S1 satellite Hall information counter are posted with counter stickers and Chinese knots with Chinese red elements. Minilandscape bonsai is placed on the information counter. The large screen of F3 return center and the display screen of the guide desk play happy Spring Festival pictures to enhance visual experience and create a strong festival atmosphere.During the Spring Festival, the airport staff, dressed in distinctive costumes with rich ethnic customs, provide all kinds of services for departing passengers, making the security services of Kunming Airport more yunnan local characteristics.On-site information staff wearing characteristic clothing continue to provide all kinds of guidance services for passengers with enthusiasm in a combination of fixed points and flow, and provide love and help for special passengers.According to statistics, a total of 23,942 passengers were guaranteed to travel smoothly from January 31 to February 6, and a total of 8 times of loving assistance were carried out.Counter inquiry staff took advantage of the rest time, in-depth among the passengers, found problems to solve problems, do their best to help passengers, received 6 letters of commendation, won a pennant.Electric car service staff provided electric car love service for 671 special passengers and “Xiaojingdong” convenience service for 1 passenger.From January 30 to 31, an activity called “Idiom Speed competition” was held in the building. Visitors were invited to download and register for the kunming Changshui Airport mini program, and visitors were presented with Spring Festival couplets gift bags, year of the Tiger key chains and stuffed tiger toys.Yunnan Tourism Consulting Service Center carried out the “lottery” activities, for passengers to send “free airport transfer”, “16 zhou city travel coupons”, “McDonald’s” airport shop special package coupons and other gifts, so that passengers after landing to experience more surprises, full of Spring Festival atmosphere.On the second day of the New Year, the terminal terminal began to enjoy the Spring Festival holiday with rain and snow. The management department of the terminal area arranged deployment in advance, added personnel on standby to keep communication unblocked 24 hours a day, and carefully checked the preparation of emergency supplies to ensure they were available.Synchronous notification of delayed manual distribution personnel to re-verify emergency responders, materials, equipment, prepare for emergency response;Strengthen the inspection of the implementation of on-site security services, and strengthen the inspection of facilities and equipment such as road icing, rain leakage in the building, facade, and lanterns in the middle corridor in combination with the weather conditions. During the Spring Festival guarantee period, no road surface icing phenomenon, security services are carried out smoothly and orderly.The control department of the movement resolutely shoulded the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, strictly implemented the prevention and control measures, and effectively guarded the soil to be responsible, responsible and responsible.During the Spring Festival, 8 epidemic prevention and elimination operations were completed in the fixed areas of T1 Terminal, S1 Satellite Hall and business Aircraft Building, covering an area of 640042.1 square meters.It ensured the elimination of 203 flights from medium – and high-risk areas in China, completing an operating area of 302,688.97 square meters.In strict accordance with the on-site inspection standards of the special patriotic health action of the terminal, the staff on duty carry out a comprehensive inspection of all areas of the terminal, promote the integration of the special patriotic health action and the international health airport being created, and continue to focus on habit formation and details in management.Through the in-depth promotion of aiwei special action, we will effectively improve environmental health and contribute to building a green, beautiful and healthy airport.Security services were still on the way after the holiday ended, said a terminal department official.Terminal area management department to carry out the “one hundred – day action”, adhere to the organizations don’t withdraw, the level of prevention and control, reduce, control and prevention standards do not drop, prevention and control measures were loose “four” epidemic prevention requirements, a guard not to let the control passengers missed, don’t let the bottom line of a staff infection, doing for Spring Festival, Beijing Olympics, major events such as winter paralympic games security work.

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