Stationed in Xiaohaituo Mountain to protect the “Snow Dragon” (focusing on the Guarantee of the Winter Olympics)

February 13, the national Alpine ski center, the staff in the maintenance of piste marking line.Reporter Yi Xiao took a bird ‘s-eye view of the National Snowmobile sled Center “Snow Dragon”.Speed and passion ignited ice and snow, and cheers and shouts echoed across the mountains.With the Beijing Winter Olympic Games underway, the National Snow Sled Center “Snow Dragon”, located in Xiaohaituo Mountain, Yanqing Competition Area, welcomed the highlight moment.All 10 gold MEDALS in bobsled, bobsled and skeleton bobsled will be won on this 1,975 meter course.Behind the scenes, there are voices supporting the smooth running of the competition: “There is no problem with the ice surface”, “all the equipment is normal”, “the track is ready”…In a special way, the event security staff are participating and enjoying the Winter Olympics.Imagine, with a top speed of over 100 kilometers per hour, no steering wheel, no seat belt, no brakes, lying on your back, not only can’t see the road ahead, but you also have to endure the powerful centrifugal force when taking corners — this is a sled.At Snow Dragon, it was Song Chunjie, a girl born in 1993, who pressed the start button for the game of courage.In the tower control room, known as the “snow Dragon” eyes, a row of monitors seamlessly cover the entire track. Two buttons, one green and one red, are the “starting gun” and the pause button for the race.”After each athlete finishes skating, he or she should confirm the track situation immediately and decide whether to continue within two minutes, and broadcast in Both Chinese and English.”Song Chunjie introduced that in case of emergencies, the tower should inform the medical rescue and other related team staff of the first disposal, as soon as possible to resume the game.”Every game is a big test.”We focus more on composure and calmness than speed and passion,” Mr. Song said.”Track is ready. Fan Duoyao is ready to go!”On the evening of February 5, when Fan Duoyao, a member of the Chinese bobsled team, appeared on the stage, the audience felt that the instructions from the tower sounded much higher.Closely staring at the monitor song Chunjie, silently cheering for the player in the heart.”The first gold medal at the National Bobsled Center!Competitive sports always bring tears to your eyes.”On the evening of February 6, after the men’s single luge competition, Song Chunjie posted such a dynamic on his social media app. The video showed the moment when German athlete Johannes Ludwig won the gold medal.”Their racing stories are the best expression of the Olympic spirit, and every athlete on the Snow Dragon course is amazing.”Song Chunjie said.Operation director Sun Yue — “The ice should be as smooth as a baby’s skin.” Wearing a helmet and stepping on the spikes, Yan Wengang grabbed the handrail and started running, pushed the steel frame along the ice track to get the maximum initial speed, then jumped into the snowmobile, faced the front and slid down, and rushed through more than a dozen curves…The last two wheels of men’s steel-frame snowmobile slide at the “Snow Dragon” track in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 11, 2019.At the same time, 20 people ice division team, divided troops guard, closely staring at the ice;After one round of sliding, spray water to repair ice and clean the track, and work in both directions at the same time in 15 minutes.In the end, Yan Wengang stood on the podium and won China’s first Olympic medal in skeleton bobsled.The more thorough inspection and repair of the ice began after the athletes left the field…The sport of bobsledding is known as “F1 on snow” (Formula One World Championship for short, “F1″), where the athletes race around the track at a top speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour.This speed is based on the quality of the track.”The ice thickness varies from three to five centimetres depending on the area.””The ice should be as smooth as a baby’s skin. It’s not only about the athletes’ performance, but also about their safety,” said Sun Yue, director of operations at the National Bobsled Center and a member of China Minmetals Shanghai Baoye Group.”Sleds lie down, bobsleds sit in, and skeleton bobsleds lie down.”Over the past four years, Li Kaishun from Xiangyang, Hubei province, has been working as a venue builder and track ice maker.According to the schedule, the bobsled events of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held at night, and training will be arranged during the day.In order to ensure the smooth running of the race and training, the maintenance of the track usually starts at 5 am and ends around midnight.”The temperature on the track is basically in the minus teens, and it gets even colder at night.”Li Kaishun said, carrying about 50 jin of equipment, we will sweat when working, “sweat dripping formed ice, we will clean every time, work must be careful.”The satisfaction of the athletes and the affirmation of the professionals are the best recognition for the Lee Kai-shun.”The National Bobsleigh Center is an amazing venue and a great gift to the development of bobsleigh.”International Bobsleigh Federation president Enas Fergus said.Security manager Wu Yueyun — “guarding the ‘snow Dragon’ is to share the Winter Olympics” who is most familiar with the environment of the “snow Dragon”?Wu Yueyun is no match for that.Light poles, elevators, manhole covers, power distribution rooms…He knows almost all the important points.From xiaohaitaoshan police officer to “Snow Dragon” security manager, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Yanqing branch police Wu Yueyun five major winter Olympics diary, written full of tenacity and temperature.Another sleepless night.Wu yueyun’s eyes were bloodshot. At 7:30 a.m., the two parcels in the surveillance footage finally welcomed their owners.The night before the opening of the Winter Olympics, a foreign athlete left two packages containing equipment in the “snow Dragon” departure area after training.”When the foreign athlete got the package, I saw him smiling at me even though we didn’t speak the same language, so I smiled too.”Enter the person, enter the vehicle, enter the equipment, check, verify, ensure safety……Serve as “snow swim dragon” safeguard the first close of the job, Wu Yueyun’s job is trivially multifarious, list rise to have 10 multinomial.”Don’t be afraid of trouble, don’t make mistakes, the key is to have temperature, WE represent not only an individual.””For me, to protect the ‘snow Dragon’ is to share the Winter Olympics,” Said Wu Yueyun, brushing the snow from her hair as snow fell on Xiaohaituo Mountain.”There are many guardians of the Snow Dragon, including medical aid, communications and reception services.”Wu Yueyun wrote in her diary: “When we get old and can’t walk any more, we will remember our contribution to the World-renowned Winter Olympics, and athletes from all over the world will leave their smiles and thanks in Beijing.This life, worth it!”(Reporter Wang Haonan) People’s Daily (February 14, 2022 edition 14)

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