“The Name of The Ice” premiered with a mix of “Beyond” and “Fly with the Wind.

Short track speed skating is a new drama, the name of Ice and Snow, starring Chen Ruoxuan, Peng Xiaolan, Ou Hao, Liang Jie and Yiliyuan, is on the air. From the current content, the plot looks like a cross between Beyond and Fly with The Wind.The previous CCTV broadcast “Beyond”, tells the story of Chen Jingye and Chen Mian father and daughter, two generations in short track speed skating dream relay.Shao Beisheng, the leading actor in Fly with You, changed from double figure skating to single figure skating due to injury, and finally became a lover with shen Zhengyi, the heroine of short track speed skating.Some of the conflicts and Settings of the two shows can be found in the Name of The Ice, such as the father of a trio of friends.Only this time the hero Yan Zhenhua, is half way from double flower skating to practice short track speed skating, the reason is with the heroine Li Glacier feelings change, but can only break up and go their own way.According to the synopsis, the drama is divided into two chapters, “Love on Ice” and “Winter Olympics Dream”, spanning four decades and three generations.In fact, after watching the first few episodes, Fat Girl felt that the plot of The Name of The Ice and Snow was more similar to beyond, which also used two timelines, and handed over to the children to complete the dream that the father did not complete.However, “Beyond” adopts the way that two lines cross each other, so that the story of parents in the 1980s and 1990s unfolds simultaneously with the story of the next generation decades later.This mix-and-match narrative style has made “Beyond” controversial, with some viewers finding the plot disjointed and easy to jump on.So “The Name of Ice” faithfully follows the timeline, beginning in the 1980s, when career plans for short track speed skating and figure skating were still figuring things out.Perhaps that’s why the show is split into two parts, with the current “Frozen love” focusing on the past and “East Olympic Dream” looking forward.To be honest, even though The Name of The Ice has just started, Chubby isn’t too sure about the ratings.Although the first male and female leading actors in this play, Chen Ruoxuan and Peng Xiao ran are young actors, but in fact, the performance is quite good, the two appearance level is high, good shape, double figure skating combination looks quite pleasant.Therefore, the main problem affecting the ratings of this drama is not the acting of the actors, but the story.Because the short track speed skating as the theme of the TV series has been broadcast several, so far none of the ratings performance is satisfactory.Maybe it’s the lack of popularity of ice sports, or maybe the combination of professionalism and idol routines is not ideal. In short, the conflict that pushes the plot forward doesn’t seem very attractive.It’s not that The Name of the Ice isn’t high quality, but there’s a lot of professional knowledge that would have been refreshing and interesting if the show had premiered first.But now, as these themes are aired one after another, many plots in the film, such as The Name of Ice and Snow, explain that athletes at that time did not have exclusive venues and needed to rent commercial ice rink for training, which has been introduced in detail in Beyond.Deja vu in the plot can make viewers feel tired while watching.In addition to the plot of Chen Shan can not affect the audience rating, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu three SATELLITE TV broadcast at the same time is a big problem.To know that the ratings of “Fly with the Wind” and “Beyond” are only average, not to mention the name of The Ice and Snow, which is broadcast on three channels at the same time, will inevitably be shunted, the highest rating of 0.12 on the first night has shown the problem.What’s even more surprising is that the show will be followed by five more shows, which is rare for a first-round premiere, but will certainly hurt ratings.Of course, the show is not entirely out of the question, but as long as it can reinvent itself and distance itself from beyond’s storyline, there’s still a chance it could start off on a high.As for “The Name of the Ice,” is there any chance of a turnaround?Wait and see!

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