The harm of “fake husband and wife” in today’s society

With the development of social economy, many rural labor force are moving to cities.This also presents a problem. Men are far away from home because of working, while women have to stay at home to take care of the elderly and children. As a result, there are more and more fake couples in rural areas.These “fake couples” are actually legal couples, but their status is far from that of ordinary couples.Some couples can only see each other once a year. For a long time, the wife and her husband are always separated and unable to see each other. It is inevitable that they will complain over the long term.In addition to the emergence of a large number of “fake couples” in rural areas, the number of “fake couples” in cities is also increasing.Urban couples, after the birth of a child, perhaps due to the pressure of life and work, perhaps not full of expectations for sweet romance, two people together more and more like a partnership company, the common goal of both sides is to raise the child.In fact, to maintain a good relationship between husband and wife, daily communication is essential.In many families, the life of “fake husband and wife” has actually given a red light to marriage.The essence of marriage is the result of joint efforts and responsibilities of both husband and wife, but the current view of marriage does require the man to be whatever he is. Such marriage is brought together by money, without much affection, but it is just a partnership life.Because of the helplessness of marriage, many people start to enjoy the single life, or even if they get married, they are only a “fake couple” with no basis for living together.There are also couples who look happy on the outside but become strangers when they get home.There is no communication, just the duties of a wife or husband.Some husband and wife, as a result of each other between unreal, hate the life attitude of the other side obviously and behavior way, accommodate however tolerate the other side, caused slowly “false husband and wife” appear.Emotional accommodation of a person’s behavior is the biggest threat to the relationship.Just to make a living, can’t be honest with each other, the balance between the couple will be broken.Love can not be calm, only in dispute, compromise to constantly run in, to go further and further.”Fake couples” are a product of China’s rapid economic development, and their number will only increase as material living standards continue to improve, both in urban and rural areas.To change this situation, only when Chinese people change their way of thinking and no longer put money in the first place, can this phenomenon gradually disappear.In today’s society, life pressure and mental pressure is increasing, so that marriage will also cause a bad influence due to a variety of external factors.In 2020, big data from the China Statistical Information Center showed that nearly 10 percent of Divorced couples in China were still living together.Among them, 70% are post-70s and less than 20% post-80s, living a pseudo-husband and wife life.The main reason why so many people remain in a “pseudo-marital” life after divorce is for the sake of children.If parents continue to pretend to be married after divorce, it’s not that the kids won’t find out. More often than not, they know the truth, but they just don’t know how to deal with it.This kind of situation hurts the child of the child more.Couples ‬ relations since ‬ ‬ burst, ‬ ‬ must tell ‬ ‬ ‬ father mother no longer love ‬ ‬, seek ‬ respective ‬ ‬ new ‬ life, but ‬ two ‬ people still love him ‬ ‬.Perhaps not for a time, but not for a long time, meaning a long time.The phenomenon of “pseudo husband and wife” is not only a social phenomenon, it has seriously affected many families and threatened the life foundation of many families.For contemporary couples to ring the alarm bells!

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