The perfect combination of milk and ginger juice, master these four key points, and make a classic Cantonese dessert in one go

Some time ago, we went to shawan ancient town in Guangzhou.We suddenly want to eat ginger milk, I remembered shawan ancient town, shawan ancient town half an hour’s drive from my residence, I went to shawan ancient town to satisfy the hunger.Shawan ancient town has many authentic lingnan delicacies, ginger and milk is just one of them, horseshoe cake, glutinous rice paste, chicken cake and other snacks.Shawan ancient Town in Guangzhou Panyu district, Shawan ancient town is not very big, a day can take shawan ancient town around.Shawan ancient town was built in the Southern Song Dynasty with a history of more than 800 years and rich cultural resources. It is an outstanding representative of Guangfu culture.In holidays, there are more tourists to Shawan ancient town, to play shawan ancient town can understand lingnan folk customs.Ginger milk, also known as ginger buried milk, is a well-known Cantonese dessert.Legend long ago, there was an old woman made cough, the old woman knew ginger juice has the effect of warm lung cough, but ginger juice can not be directly drunk, she put ginger juice in a bowl, and then add milk, put for a while to see milk coagulation.The old woman tried it with her spoon. The milk was curdled and smooth, and the ginger juice was rich, so she ate a bowl of it.The next day the old woman stopped coughing.As a result, ginger milk spread in shawan ancient town.Ginger milk is a very popular Cantonese dessert that many people want to make at home after eating it.The main ingredients of ginger milk are ginger juice and milk, and ginger milk is the chemical reaction between ginger juice and milk.In guangdong dessert shops, there are ginger milk all the year round, especially in the cold winter, eat a bowl of warm ginger milk, cold to warm the stomach.Ginger xinwen, has the role of promoting blood circulation, women eat ginger can also fight aging, reduce the occurrence of gallstones.Milk is a good source of protein and calcium.This spring, the rain is much low temperature, spend more than 10 minutes at home to make ginger milk, tender ginger milk will let people have a sense of happiness and satisfaction.380 grams of milk, 200 grams of ginger, 20 grams of sugar.The first step to prepare ginger, ginger do not use ginger, ginger taste light, best with ginger and turmeric, ginger peel.Step 2 Put the ginger into the blender and squeeze out the ginger juice with the blender.The third step is to make ginger milk with ginger juice, ginger juice is only made with ginger, not ginger and water mix.It is simple and convenient to use the original juice mechanism.If you don’t have an original blender, use a grater to grind out minced ginger and squeeze it out of ginger juice.Step 4 Put 380 grams of milk and 20 grams of sugar in a saucepan and bring the milk to a boil over medium heat.Stir the cooked milk a few times with a spoon, about 30 seconds in winter, and the temperature of the milk is between 70 and 80 degrees.If the milk is left for a minute or two in the summer.To make ginger milk successfully, the choice of milk is very important. In Shawan Ancient Town, ginger milk is made with water milk. Water milk tastes very rich in milk flavor.If buffalo milk is not available, use whole milk, which is high in milk fat and has more than 3.6 grams of protein (100 grams of milk).Step 5 Before milk into ginger juice, to stir ginger juice with a spoon, to prevent ginger juice precipitation, affect the effect of milk coagulation.Step 6 Pour the milk out of the ginger juice, about 20 cm higher than the ginger juice pour the milk, milk into the ginger juice do not stir, so that the ginger juice and milk coagulated.Connie says the first milk should be whole milk with 3.6 grams or more of protein.Second, heat the milk and let it cool to about 75 degrees. If you use a thermometer, it will be easier to handle.If you don’t have a thermometer, stir the milk with a spoon once it’s cooked to cool it to about 75 degrees.The third ginger uses turmeric or old ginger to make a pure ginger juice.Fourth milk into ginger juice, do not move ginger milk, such as ginger juice and milk solidified taste again.

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