The strongest military dog in China, better than the German shepherd can fight, bigger than the horse dog, kunming dog

This is the strongest working dog independently created in China, but it is not favored by foreigners. In 1950, border defense needed a large number of military dogs, and people found that German shepherd dogs were very excellent in all aspects of working performance and fighting ability. However, due to the large number of military dogs needed, it would be too expensive to rely on imports entirely.And German shepherd dog, it has a fatal weakness, is his big arch directly affects its movement performance, so we want to create a smooth back strong personality, job performance excellent breeds, the German shepherd was used as the main line of hybrid local canine good soil, after 40 years of screening of breeding,Finally gave birth to a top working dogs, so called because birthplace in kunming kunming dogs, the bodily form more massive than the German shepherd dog strength also won a German shepherd, excitement is far in excess of the GSD but not recognized by foreign foreigners think kunming is a variant of the German shepherd dog, can not be a separate breed, in this case how do you think?

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