Where did the Chinese come from?Answer to the Afro-origin theorists spreading online

Yunxian county people’s studies, please keep an eye on, since the beginning of 1990 time that two complete hominid skull, after the allied scientists measured individually, including from France yunxian county and found before in our country: yuanmou man, lantianman, and from Beijing, is about one million years ago homo erectus, the sino-french cooperation archaeological site in yunxian county people find hand-axes,This changed the western academic circle “there was no hand axe in Paleolithic China” conclusion.In 2002, Chinese and French experts announced in their respective countries that ancient Chinese people used hand axes earlier than Europeans.Paleoanthropologists generally believe that in the long evolution of human, we have experienced australopithecus, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens and other stages.Looking at China discovered hominid fossils from the early australopithecines, homo erectus, homo sapiens, until modern, have been found: yuanmou man, lantianman, yun county, from nanjing, dingcun man, cavemen, can see the common features of their physical, it is different from the ancient African, European, at the same time, may explain hominid is a native of China.Nearly 30 years yunxian county archaeological research results, only to human beings originated in Africa and the African migration challenge conventional wisdom, curator of the museum of hubei province, hubei province institute of cultural relics and the rectangular frequently points out that in yunxian county about 1 million years ago people surrounding the site, there are about 500000 years ago may spread ape-man site, bailong cave site, site of huanglong hole about 100000 years ago.Since 2011, Mr. Feng Xiaobo, the discoverer of Yunxian people and the main researcher, started from the source of the Han River and walked along the main stream of the Han River for about 1500 kilometers to engage in the “investigation and research of ancient culture in the Han River Basin”. Along the way, he found more than 300 Sites of the Paleolithic Age and collected more than 10,000 pieces of stone tools.He told hubei Daily all media reporters that the computer will be connected with the GPS location of sites, really is an intuitive “corridor”, from the early, middle and late Paleolithic sites.It can be said that the han River valley embodies China’s million years of human history, 10,000 years of cultural history and more than 5,000 years of civilization.In addition, geological studies also show that the Han River is relatively mild, the river has not changed much since ancient times, suitable for human habitation.Feng Xiaobo therefore put forward the view that “the ancient Han River is the cradle of The Han culture”.

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