Will the rally continue?

A shares are finally tough once, this is the first time since the New Year’s day general rise, this can be understood as down so long repair rebound, only repair, do not understand the trend is good.The above is the Shanghai Five minute level trend chart do not look at the plate up but the Shanghai Composite index and gem index is still in the five minute level three sell interval, of course, can also be understood as thirty minutes level three sell interval, operation is not too blind, the index will be tectonic consolidation two buy to continue to rebound, this also depends on the plate.Sector: On Monday, we established the first rebound in building decoration, and on Tuesday, we established the start of the pork rebound. If two more sectors are established on Wednesday, the recovery of the index will be stable. I did not expect that there will be more than two.Let’s see what kind of structure is needed for architectural decoration and pork rebound.The above is the building decoration five-minute level trend chart when we establish the end of the building decoration adjustment into the rebound, we will emphasize at least five days of the rebound, and the structure to structure up and down the rebound, there is only a wave, there will be a wave in the middle.The pork and the five-minute chart of the pork are exactly the same structure as the decoration, showing that the rebound is not over, but there is always a step back in between.Liquor and important as well as digital currency, too many plates, specific we will not say on the text, at 8 o ‘clock in the evening we detailed resumption.

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