Yantai New Year flavor to see this one!The prize collection activity is in full swing!

What is the Flavor of New Year?New Year’s Eve is the park street corner lights decorate New Year’s eve is the pen and ink under the sound of blessing New Year’s eve is the hidden copper coins in the dumpling stuffing New Year’s eve is the dried salted fish bacon on the wall rope……Say now the festival atmosphere turned pale, and in fact yantai festival atmosphere, have been since opening short video solicitation for brigade wen jun received the fine works contribute more than friends quickly follow the text of the brigade king shot a look at yantai yantai festival atmosphere of the festival atmosphere ~ short video solicitation for medium and small partners come and dry out the festival atmosphere of your home!In order to explore the customs of The Spring Festival and the first lunar month in Yantai and Jiaodong, show the unique folk customs of Yantai and spread the “New Year” culture of Yantai, the official wechat of Yantai Culture and Tourism launched a short video soliciting activity of “The Taste of The New Year in Yantai”, inviting the majority of netizens to pick up their cameras and mobile phones, record and recommend the customs, beautiful scenery and delicious food of Yantai.If you want to participate in the activity, you can send your “New Year flavor” video to the designated email as required, and you will have a chance to win a beautiful prize worth 400 YUAN. The deadline of the activity is February 20th, so come and join!!Activity Details: From January 10 to February 20Participate in peace looks new, reunion, collection of works, you need to respect XiaoQin and other topics related to the Spring Festival, the lunar record yantai region, to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, family reunion dinner, New Year customs, cleaning, make traditional cuisine, folk arts and crafts making, admire the lanterns, blessing, such as the Spring Festival folk, their lives and reality, reveal the festival atmosphere of the home, yantai festival atmosphere.Solicitation requirements 1. The work unit or individual can submit.Once your work is adopted, we will give you a fine prize worth 400 yuan.2. There is no limit to the number of works submitted by each participant, either in horizontal or vertical screen, and the length of the finished works is about 0.5-3 minutes. The video format should be 1080P hd and the file format should be MP4.3. Filming process and content shall strictly comply with national laws and regulations, and comply with national and local epidemic prevention and control requirements.4. The works to participate in the solicitation must be original works, and the sender must have full copyright of the works.If a work infringes upon the right of portrait, right of reputation, right of privacy, copyright, trademark, etc., the legal liability shall be borne by the work submitted.The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the author, and once adopted, the organizer enjoys the right of use, modification and dissemination.5. The organizer has the right to interpret this notice.All contributors are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this notice.Please send your work to yt6636283@163.com.Email title format: ++, not submitted in the above format, as participation in the activity is invalid.Exhibition of works The winning works collected in this activity will be exhibited and broadcast through each account of yantai Culture and Tourism new media platform.

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