After a test drive of the Ford EVOS, I wanted to change cars…

In November 2021, the new Ford EVOS will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show.As a medium-sized SUV, Ford EVOS integrates crossover elements representing fashion, making me attracted by its “high appearance level” at the first time.Some time ago, finally free time to test drive some, today to talk with you about ford EVOS in all aspects of performance.In terms of high appearance level and high connotation body size, changan Ford EVOS is 4920*1920*1600mm in length, width and height, and 2945mm in wheelbase.For a smart car with a forward-thinking style, I’m not sure what the “potential aesthetic” is, but the EVOS’s trendy styling is compelling enough.EVOS’s mesh occupies most of the front area, and the movement style is indeed full. The mesh grille adopts dragon scale modeling design, which is composed of scales with black piano paint, and also forms an active grille with 3D parametric modeling.The blade light belt running through the whole front of the vehicle will gradually light up when the driver approaches the vehicle, playing a welcoming effect, especially at night, with a strong sense of ceremony.The penetrating taillight of the rear also adopts the dark pattern of “kinetic energy scale armor” similar to honeycomb design, and the display effect at night is quite amazing.Changan Ford EVOS interior design is quite a few highlights.The most eye-catching part of the interior is definitely the 1.1-metre-long center screen. The 27-inch center screen is a real exaggeration, and it’s the first time I’ve seen such a huge screen on a production model.EVOS is powered by SYNC+2.0, a powerful computing system that uses voice recognition and gesture recognition to control vehicle and vehicle functions, allowing drivers to focus and not be distracted.The central control area of EVOS is not designed to have any physical buttons, so all operations need to be done on this large screen.Baidu Maps, QQ Music and some video apps are also pre-installed, but you can also download more to enrich your car and phone as you like.In terms of powerful performance and precise control of power, Changan Ford EVOS is powered by the EcoBoostⓇ 2.0t engine, which has a maximum power of 175kW (238 HP) and peak torque of 376Nm.In terms of transmission configuration, the EVOS is equipped with an 8-speed manual transmission.Like the rest of the Ford family, the EVOS has a knob shift and a paddle-shift function behind the steering wheel.For ford’s models, there is always no need to worry about power. No matter explorer, or SUV models such as Ruijie, there is excellent realization of power, or even the situation of excess power.From the start, you can definitely feel that the EVOS is very suitable for daily walking, the motivation is not obvious radical or slow, it can be said that the state is just right.The overall power cohesion of the 8AT gearbox is very excellent, and there will be no obvious sense of frustration in shifting gears.Ford really has a deep foundation for chassis tuning, which has been shown in the Early Mondeo, Taurus and other models, and is also good enough for this EVOS.The suspension absorbs most of the vibrations and bumps as the tires roll over the road, transmitting the necessary road sense to the driver, but the passenger will not experience significant road sense if he or she does not deliberately feel it.The Changan Ford EVOS in this test drive is equipped with Ford’s Co-Pilot360 Zhixing driver assistance system, which can achieve L2+ automatic assistance driving;And Ford Vehicle-Road Collaborative System (V2I), which can timely broadcast traffic information by connecting with the urban intelligent transportation system. Fortunately, I was driving in Guangzhou, and this function is really convenient.After a day of experience, changan Ford EVOS does have many places let me see.The EVOS is not only a stylish SUV with a high level of appearance, suitable for the post-90s youth aesthetic, but also a vehicle that allows you to ride in comfort while occasionally allowing you to indulge in turbo pleasure.As a “game-breaking” SUV, this Changan Ford EVOS, or worth experiencing.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)

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