Another star rolled over?Net friend said: the bottom line is touched by zero tolerance, suggest to ban!

Recently, “prince of love songs” Zhang Xinzhe was reported by his real name.No, what can we sing at KTV?Taiwan singer Zhang Xinzhe has long been known as the “prince of love songs” in the entertainment industry.Jang, who was born in 1967, should be remembered for generations.Whether it’s his Love is a Word, Love Like the Tide or Lying, these are all universally acclaimed masterpieces.To hear someone report him under his real name, I can’t believe it!Recently, a netizen reported zhang Xinzhe under his real name, and this report letter was widely circulated online recently.On February 20, 2020, at the height of the epidemic, he publicly expressed his support for online gambling fraud platforms in the Philippines, openly challenging the Ministry of Public Security’s zero tolerance line.”Such a real-name report letter, at least let Zhang Xinzhe discredit.Heavy can let Zhang Xinzhe was blocked, this is really not light!That could mean Zhang supported a gambling platform and was reported.Will see relevant platform company and zhang Xinzhe letter relation!After seeing the news, netizens are asking if someone lost and reported Zhang!Some said fans were crying in the toilet.Besides, who can sing at KTV in the future?In recent days, several singers have been caught up in the controversy, including Jj Lin, Leehom Wang and now Zhang Xinzhe.What do the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s sing in KTV?Gambling really touches everyone’s bottom line and that means zero tolerance.If we were public figures and spoke out publicly for a platform like this, people would really freak out.Tidewater Music Co., LTD. (Taiwan Province) issued a statement, first apologizing to the public for the incident and reinstating the facts, saying that in March 2020, the company signed an endorsement contract, which was limited to the Philippines, and its main business was culture, entertainment, sports and other industries.The endorsement deal is said to last one year, and the contract expires in March 2021.It is very regrettable that this incident took place long after the contract expired and the cooperation was concluded, resulting in a waste and negative impact on public resources.Last time he did a hot search, it was a picture of this bald guy.Zhang Xinzhe is really old, no longer the affectionate and charming male god.However, as long as he is a positive energy star, we don’t care what he looks like, as long as he delivers positive energy, we regard him as an idol!How to treat zhang Xinzhe’s current platform?Feel free to leave a comment below.

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