Can Mito ITO repeat her 2018 prowess at the Singapore Grand Slam?

Once upon a time, at the age of 18, Mimato ITO of Japan defeated liu Shiwen, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling in the Swedish Open, and finally won the women’s singles championship. Since then, Mimato ITO has become the number one “opponent” of the Chinese Ping.This is the first time that the Chinese women table Tennis team has changed the table tennis world because of one person in so many years.It was the eccentric little Japanese player who inspired grand Slam Champion Ding ning to retire from the national team two years later.She also let the world champion Liu Shiwen continue to carry forward, broke the precedent of the world Table Tennis champion not to the Olympic Games singles, so that now it is not retreat, not retreat is not embarrassing situation.What is more tragic is that zhu Yuling, the first sister of the female table tennis who was trained by the Tokyo Olympic Games, stepped out of the main team of the Tokyo Olympic Games, unexpectedly missed the Olympic Games, and then became seriously ill, and even now has basically no ball to play.Think about it, the Iteng mei cheng is really enough can, only by this point, Iteng Mei cheng can be written into the history of table tennis!Although Tokyo Olympic Games women’s singles and women’s team competition, ITO, beauty is swept by the ping Sun Yingsha player for the second time in a row, but still ITO beauty cheng’s singles bronze medal and silver medal, the mainest is mixed doubles her and fu-organs falcon matching also defeated Xu Xin liu shiwen, win the first Olympic champion,The gold, silver and bronze MEDALS won by ITO in one Olympics have gone down in history!Now after the seclusion training, after the exit of ITO Mimato won the women’s singles and women’s doubles champion of the All Japan Table tennis Championships, naturally is the strength increased, confidence burst, she has to Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng and Wang Manyu three horse coach about the battle!The goal is to achieve a “Grand Slam” in Singapore!Can ITO also like the 2018 consecutive victory over the Chinese team of three great warriors?I am Huludao Amu, welcome to leave a comment.

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