Clench your teeth, close your mouth, and don’t yawn!

The child is very energetic. He still doesn’t want to go to bed at night. Sometimes he still does what he wants to do despite yawning.At this time will take out my magic weapon “do not yawn”!The book cover said that the first is to see the name, did not expect children like it.It’s about gabi, a kid who doesn’t like to sleep.Gabi lives in Sleepy. Tired of going to bed and snoring, he takes his grandmother with him and leaves sleepy for The city that never Sleeps.At night Gabi was so happy that when they sat on the ferris wheel and looked at the moon and the stars, Grandma gave a big yawn, and that yawn ran away, putting everyone in Sleepless City to sleep.Gabi ran with the yawn, trying to warn everyone not to yawn, but he didn’t follow the big yawn and ended up falling asleep in grandma’s arms, too.The overall color of this picture book is dark, which is very suitable for reading at night. The picture is compact, and the painting is very intensive in the lively place of carnival, while the sleeping place is arranged very succinctly.There are all kinds of details in the book, like When Gabi and grandma set off without pajamas, because Gabi doesn’t want to sleep anymore;Their plane was Gabi’s bed, and the wings were quilts;In the city that never Sleeps, they saw people jostling each other, all of whom knew no national boundaries.Gabi’s two big wishes, but let me understand, is not sleeping and eating ice cream at night, how to be like my little friend!In the book, Gabi’s grandmother follows gabi around, looking at him lovingly, never scolding or impatient, and even letting Gabi eat ice cream!Unlike me, kids get mad when they don’t sleep, let alone eat ice cream.Then Gabi remembered that there was one other person who was not asleep, and that was the little friend who was watching the story.To be honest, the sudden appearance of a very large face on this page is a little scary, but it’s funny to see him so nervous and open with his missing front teeth.Every time the kids saw this page, they would laugh, followed by a big yawn, and the kids and I would yawn along with Gabi.Finally gabi and the kitten are asleep, and Grandma is smiling and holding Gabi. Did Gabi have a crazy dream or did he really fly to The city that never Sleeps?The child was asleep, too. Could she have been dreaming of revelry?The picture of Gabi falling asleep in her grandmother’s arms at the end of the book reminds me of when I was a kid, sitting behind the stove watching the fire, falling asleep, being carried to bed by my grandmother, and feeling incredibly happy to wake up in her bed.At that time did not have so many good TV and toys, in the evening, the east touch the west touch is not sleeping, probably feel asleep can not play fun.Grandma, like Gabi’s grandmother, never forced me to sleep, only carried me to bed when I did.Do all the children in the book like Gabi dislike sleep?Not all parents are as temperamental as Gabi’s grandmother, anyway.Next time a child doesn’t want to go to sleep, parents don’t worry, and children together to open the book “Don’t Yawn”, and Gabi yawn, and Gabi have a crazy dream.

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