Compaction hammer!CBA Guangdong men’s basketball team miscalculated, foreign aid plan failed, Liaoning men’s basketball team welcomed the good opportunity but also unstable

Dear fans, the CBA is still in the off-season, but the third stage will be opened at the end of this month, so the teams are also taking the initiative to gather their teams in advance. In addition, the biggest festival of CBA all-star will be held at the end of March, and the voting is still in the stage, and the starting lineup of all-star is mainly liao and Guangdong players.It is also interesting to see who will become the all-star ticket king.And about the topic of this season’s championship fight also fans relish, and there is no doubt that the liaoning men’s basketball team and guangdong men’s basketball team is recognized as the best chance to enter the NBA finals, the liaoning men’s basketball team always occupy the position of the top of the league, but their squad, with the signing of big foreign aid moran’s, is also considered the end of the championship puzzle.In the first two stages of the season, Guangdong men’s basketball team also lost to Zhejiang men’s basketball team, Liaoning men’s basketball team and other strong teams, so many fans believe that Guangdong men’s basketball team lost its competitiveness this season, ranking is also out of the top four.But sensible fans don’t think so, because after the guangdong team personnel not entire, spate of injuries, and had also is only one foreign aid weems, and after offseason of recuperation, Zhao Rui injury, Hu Mingxuan shoulder injury is healed, and the second was more competitive is also recognised by the foreign aid, in addition to the team and also young defender Shang Jie renewal,It can be said that the guangdong men’s basketball team is in good order now, and all of them are healthy. Who is sure to beat them?And recently, a lot of media broke the news that Guangdong men’s basketball’s third foreign aid Ma Shang Brooks will return in the third stage, if Brooks returns, for Guangdong men’s basketball defending absolutely have a huge addition, and even can say that Guangdong men’s basketball will easily enter the finals.However, according to the guangdong men’s Basketball team reporter, Brooks’ injury has not reached the standard of playing in the game, and the chance of returning to the third stage is very slim. Brooks is still recovering in his hometown, and he said he is still trying to recover his right leg.In this way, guangdong men’s basketball third foreign aid plan is also in vain, the team will be with Weems and Lido foreign aid lineup to deal with the third stage.In this way, it seems that the probability of the liaoning men’s basketball title and improved a lot, every position on the liaoning men’s basketball team is the CBA all-star, former board inside position also has carried on the corresponding reinforcement, Han Dejun + moran’s combination is also enough to deal with, and hey ma beautiful performance very well this season, also became the liaoning men’s basketball team win the X factor.It is worth mentioning that the current guangdong men’s basketball team’s weak board is the inside line, with the increase of su Wei, Yi Jianlian age, all aspects of the decline is serious, and the young player Zeng Fari this season seems to be not favored by Du Feng, and they do not have a big foreign aid.So many fans think liaoning men’s basketball team has the best chance to win this season.Of course, IN my opinion, although Liaoning and Guangdong have advantages in strength, other powerful teams can not be ignored, such as Beijing men’s basketball team has signed four foreign aid, Shenzhen men’s basketball team, Zhejiang men’s basketball team, Shanghai men’s basketball team’s strength can not be underestimated.In addition, high on the third metal men’s basketball team is also spent a lot of, now they are also three foreign aid team, the former NBA star off-season emeka okafor will join the team, now he has arrived in hangzhou and began the specially trained, if emeka okafor cash our talents in China, so the strength of the construction of basketball competition also has the strength of the championship.So liaoning men’s basketball championship is not very stable, what do you think about this?

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