Foreign athletes support Beijing Winter OlympicsThe United States general highly praised, outspoken China’s security

Foreign athletes support Beijing Winter OlympicsThe United States general highly praised, outspoken China’s security.Only 3 days from the Beijing Olympics, many foreign athletes are arriving in Beijing, and prepare for the next game, in the official before the start of the match a lot of foreign players to support Beijing Olympics, and the Olympic village, made a series of venues for praise, although there are some discordant abroad before,But that has not affected the foreign athletes’ view of the Beijing Games.Germany captain of the hockey team moritz mill in an interview, said publicly, who said that the Beijing Olympics no is very hypocritical, because they use the chinese-made smartphone, dressed in the clothes and shoes made in China, but hope the German athletes don’t go to China, and their own as athletes will do their best to the game, no matter where winter Olympics are held,Look forward to it.Moritzmuller also said that he had been looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics since it was confirmed seven years ago that China is the most suitable country to host the Winter Olympics. Some people think it is normal to sell things to China, but they do not want to go to Beijing to participate in the games.In the end, Moritzmuller said, people who pick on China are unsportsmanlike.”Sports are not a tool for some people to attack others,” Moritzmuller said. “Only people with sportsmanship deserve to mention sports.”Dutch speed skating star Miriam Kroll praised the Organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying, “If the Winter Olympics can be held in this situation, it can only be done in China. Everyone should be glad that the Winter Olympics are held in China. It would be very difficult in other countries.”Kroll also said it was good that the organizers gave the athletes free time as long as it was safe.American freestyle skier Mark Frehand also expressed a similar view, saying that the competition in China will be safe, he also believes that the organizers will ensure that people can compete safely, he is full of expectations for the competition.Canada Natalie spooner women hockey players in the social media crazy their life in the village, Natalie spooner attended two Olympic winter games, and also won 1 gold 1 silver, will be “seen” athletes, but the Beijing Olympics is to shock Natalie spooner, continuous drying out of the photo and video on social media,It says it has a strong sense of technology, such as robots everywhere in the restaurant, even cooking can be done by robots, there are smart beds that can analyze sweat and biometrics while eliminating the frequency of interference, and there is a zero gravity mode that makes you feel like floating in the air, all of which have made foreign athletes’ eyes open.Seeing these foreign athletes are full of praise for the Beijing Winter Olympics, we as Chinese should be more proud of the motherland.

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