Fu Yangyang, Spinal Minimally invasive Surgery, Nanyang Orthopaedic Hospital: Love and warmth continue

Yuanzheng returned has been isolated for 8 days, think of the night back to the hospital leaders in the middle of the night against the cold wind to greet the highway intersection, the in the mind excited not to, kept waving, anxious to jump down to embrace them.To the hotel, see the hospital leaders carefully designed for our room, prepared flowers, letters of condolence, fruit…During the days when WE came back, the leaders of the hospital took care of our diet and physical condition every day, and the hotel staff took care of our diet and daily life, serving the same food every day.Remember come back that night solution director 8 o ‘clock more just under the operation on the phone, asked me home, listen to colleagues say I come back today, how ah, tired not tired?The head nurse also constantly called me and asked me where I was and when I could get home. If I was missing anything, I would send it to you tomorrow. Director Duan also called me many times: “Don’t worry about the department, come back and have a good rest.”Yanli also called me many times: “Yangyang, how are you there? Are you tired?” Her sons Liuyuan and Quanquan missed me, and then they heard the voice of Liuyuan and Quanquan:”Aunt, we miss you so much ah, when will you come back ah, listen to my mother said you come back to isolation, you have to isolation for a few days ah, when you come out of isolation, you come to our home to eat, let my mother give you good food”.Yang Qing teacher also sent information, asked me where isolation, what you need or want to eat what to send to me, Tan teacher, Yan teacher also called, asked me what I need, to send me…In my isolation of a few days, the head nurse gave me a fruit basket and a letter of sympathy, fruit basket inside put my love to eat pistachios, raisins, longan…I heard from my colleagues that the head nurse personally wrote me a letter of sympathy. Originally, the head nurse had rheumatoid arthritis. Because of the pain in her wrist, her handwriting was sloppy, so in order to write well, she repeatedly revised it.Gorgeous also sent me my favorite hot and sour powder and milk tea, tan teacher know THAT I want to take the exam this year sent me books, notebooks and pens.Hearing such caring words from my colleagues, I felt warm in my heart even though I was isolated 14➕ for 7 days. How could I not love such a warm department?This full of love, is indispensable in life, but also the most precious!I would like to thank the people of Zhengzhou for their warm hospitality, the director of the department of Leadership, the head nurse and other colleagues for their care and greetings. I feel honored to be in such a warm family!May the epidemic in Zhengzhou end as soon as possible, and all the world be safe!Submitted by: Minimally invasive Spine Department, Yangyang Fu, Edited by: Ying Li, reviewed by: Wei Su

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