Heart like a knife!Chinese men speed skating fatal mistake, Wang Meng asked: What mood dajing?

The 12th competition day of the Beijing Winter Olympics has brought the last competition day of short track speed skating, but the Chinese team participated in two competitions, are not too satisfactory.Especially in the first race of men’s 5000m relay, he lost inexplicably, which made many friends express their sorrow. Wang Meng’s low mood continued until the beginning of the last race of women’s 1500m final, and he could not get out of it for a long time.Next, let’s talk about it in detail.To tell the truth, this final is not easy to come by, in the semi-final, Li Wenlong and The Canadian skater collided and fell down, fortunately, there are specific rules, to promote the sudden situation, there is a satisfactory result, The Chinese team entered the final.Familiar friends are aware that the 5000-meter relay is very difficult to ski, a full 45 laps, a lot of opportunities to catch up, to be chased a lot of opportunities, so the challenge is very big.This a 5000 meters finals, the Chinese team’s squad for Wu Dajing, let all, cb, Sun Long, Zhang Tianyi, starting at 5, first of all, no force, he wandered at the end, look, physical strength is given priority to, on lap 24 left, pull open body position, power is suddenly came to the first place, then South Korea can’t show weakness,In the last ten laps, it came to the most critical moment. Unexpectedly, Sun Long fell down in the situation of no confrontation. The Chinese team, which had been stable in the third place, slipped to the last place and never caught up again.Have to say, lost some too oppressive, Wu Dajing many times wipe out the disadvantage, but in such a form to end the game, commentator Wang Meng is also very excited, first beat the table to express regret, then said, in order to avoid net violence, not to say more.But afterwards, after huang Jianxiang and Zhou Yang consoled him, Wang Meng still could not restrain his low mood and sent out soul torture: what mood do you say Dajing is in now?To tell the truth, the Chinese team this set of lineup, does not have too big advantage in this project, but the pressure to get a medal, is not big, to end with this result, more or less will let a person feel sorry.Of course, for Sun Long’s blame, but also temporarily emotional, looking back at the athletes at this time will be more uncomfortable, after the race Representative Wu Dajing interviewed, said: this race to the gold medal.One bronze medal, one silver medal, but there was an accident on lap 13 and as a team we had to accept it.”We felt sun Long was under a lot of pressure. He was very upset. He kept saying sorry and was in tears,” he said.Instead of blaming him, we encouraged him.After all, he’s only 20 years old. He’s going to get better.In sun Long’s interview, within a short minute, several times choked up, but also expressed his own mistake, resulting in the efforts of all people are in vain, very remorse.Finally, we can only hope that in the future, after Wu Dajing was troubled by age and injury, young athletes can come forward as soon as possible.For Sun Long journey of the Olympic Games, he does have played poorly for many times, is there a problem in attitude, not on the side and theory of the whole, but the mindset, needs to do much to strengthen it, he should remember the defeat, later in promoting technology at the same time, also want to pay more attention to the stability of mentality, short track speed skating this project, many contingencies, adjust state of mind,It is also one of the important factors to win the final victory.What do you think about that?For more exciting content, check out DK Sports

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