How many gods in kamen Rider do you know?

Along with the development of the mask knight, each persona knight basically an independent view of the world, has its own therefore there are many different ways of human birth, today we say those who created the “god” of human, false face knight Agit Ω – really fights the true, false face knight Agit Ω for the beginning of the only supreme being, and separate the light from the darkness,He created the world, human beings, venerable beings (unknown beings) and even all things, which is equivalent to the existence of god.In the show, he is also afraid of humans with the power of Agit ω and sends the venerable to kill them, but the latest chooses to trust humans.The human undead, the ancestor of the human undead, won the ultimate victory in the 10,000 years of extreme war, thus winning the chance for human survival and development.Three, false face knight Saber – a total of books of omnipotence, creating the world of books, records the beginning to the end of the world and all the knowledge and information, and possessions of human beings is a small part of the book.What else do you know? Leave a comment.

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