In dujiangyan | New Year’s day festival atmosphere thick, thriving and wonderful New Year!

See Dujiangyan ID: Youjiandjy in the park city closest to the snow mountain, see dujiangyan all good……Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, dujiangyan is filled with a thick New Year atmosphere.Or climb, or pray, or enjoy folk customs, or play snow……On the first day of the New Year, friends experienced the unique flavor of the New Year in Dujiangyan, and also received joy and surprise.On the first day of the New Year, China Central Television (CCTV) once again focused on Dujiangyan.Cctv-13 “News Studio” column under the title of “Happy Chinese New Year with Dragon jumping and Tiger Leaping”, live broadcast reported qingcheng Mountain – Dujiangyan scenic spot to create a strong New Year flavor for tourists, carry out dragon and lion dance, Qin Feng parade and other cultural activities.Approaching the start of spring, the Minjiang River changes its roaring trend in summer, with clear water and green water.Through dujiangyan into a slow trickle, moistening chengdu plain fertile and wild thousands of miles.South Bridge Square, a river of spring green, like a vivid happy Chinese New Year picture slowly unfolding.Picture © Shuilingmei Guanxian nostalgic ancient city atmosphere MAX speaking of dujiangyan flavor, guanxian nostalgic ancient city must not be missed.The ancient streets and alleys are decorated with Chinese red, and a festive and auspicious atmosphere is spreading.Picture ①-③ Jia Xuan, ④ Wang Qing new green stone road, eaves and warping Angle, laughter, as well as the big red lanterns hung on the plane trees, shops from the happy New Year music……All let a person feel thick New Year flavor.Photo © Ear rabbit on New Year’s Day, go out with family and friends to make a good start to the New Year.Photo © Jia Xuan deng gao wishing for good luck in the New Year. Whether it is on jade base or qingcheng, “praying for good luck” is something many friends must do in the New Year.We sincerely wish you good luck in the coming year.Photo © Rabbit in Dujiangyan, there is the custom of “climbing a mountain to collect firewood”, the first day of the New Year to climb a mountain to hold “wealth”, is also a scenery of Dujiangyan.In Nanqiao Square, the sound of drums and gongs sounded, dragons rose and tigers jumped, and the lively rhythm conveyed the strong flavor of The New Year and sincere wishes.Two long dragons are dancing, the up-and-down dragon head, and the rhythm of the gongs and drums with a tacit understanding, from time to time to get the citizens and tourists bursts of applause.Photo © Wang Qingxin Auspicious snow sky surprises repeatedly on the first day of the New Year, many places in Dujiangyan are floating snow.For example, qingcheng Mountain scenic spot will usher in the early morning snowflakes flying scene, beautiful if picture scroll.Goose – like snowflakes rustle down, is the so-called auspicious snow trillion harvest, white snow let Qingcheng Mountain more xianqi pressing.The first snow of the New Year, really to the citizens and tourists who came to the mountain today, sent a big surprise.On the first day of the New Year in Dujiangyan, you encounter ruixue, the New Year must be full of blessings, ready to meet the harvest of the year ~ © Shuiling sister xiaopian: New Year travel time, welcome to Dujiangyan oh!Director: Publicity Department of Dujiangyan Municipal Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China Hosted by: Dujiangyan Network information Center Dujiangyan Rong Media Center Responsible Editor: Dong Liu, Dai Yang On duty editor: Zhou Hongyan

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