On Feb. 12, a U.S. air Force jet crashed.Russian diplomats withdrew from Ukraine;3,000 U.S. troops deployed to Poland

Today, there is a lot of news in the international community. On February 12th, let’s take a look at what happened.First up, a YOU.S. air Force jet has crashed.According to reports, the media in 11 foreign, according to a us “phantom” F1 jets at the time of the flight training, accident crash of local communities in the United States, and the pilot is the ejection escape, it is understood that the aircraft is to belong to us a military contractor, crash site located in an air force base, 15 km west of a no man’s land,The airbase is also the main training ground for THE F-35 fighter jet.Media reports say the aircraft may have been armed at the time. The Mirage F1 was developed by France and retired in 2014. It is now being bought by military contractors to serve as a “training partner” to THE US F-35 in combat training against “imaginary enemies”.What’s interesting is that such an event is not the first time in, in May last year, is also a “phantom” F1 aircraft accidents occurred in Las Vegas, the pilot and therefore accident death, before this, American F – 35 c also happened in the south China sea sea accident, also not too long, will appear in the crash, use a word to describe,Give a lot of mischief and you will die.Tactics after the company had more than 60 one-time buy “phantom” F1 jets, through these aircraft to give us simulated combat training aircraft, the us army is now the world has the most mirage F1 jets, one of the country after the accident, the United States have also attaches great importance to, ordered the investigation into the accident reason, whatever the reason,The US military plane crash is “good news” for all of us.Second, the Withdrawal of Russian diplomats from Ukraine.According to reports, on February 12, Russian media released news that Russian diplomats have been evacuated from Ukraine. Yesterday, after the meeting between the Russian Foreign Minister and the British Foreign Secretary, the Russian Foreign Minister also mentioned this news in the press conference after the meeting.In addition, Ukrainian citizens said that Russian diplomats and consulate officials began to return to Russia, the consulate booking difficulties is the main manifestation.Nearly period of time the United States has been “GongHuo situation in Ukraine,” biden warned in U.S. citizens within the territory of Ukraine immediately return to the United States, claimed that “world war” is likely to break out, also foreign blinken said, Russia’s “offensive” could be launched against udinese at any time, it is clear that the United States and began to launch attacks by public opinion “, and constantly hype Ukraine, for fear that the situation has eased,Lest the world be in disorder.At the same time the United States are the actions of the Russian officials from wu’s response, the us state department announced in 12, all of us demands that Kiev embassy officials leave the territory of Ukraine, some of the staff may be evacuated to uzbekistan in western border areas along the border with Poland, keep us diplomatic presence in the Ukraine, after U.S. diplomats’ families have left Ukraine returned to the United States.The current situation seems to have come to the point where irreconcilable, uzbekistan officials also added fuel to the fire, said the armed forces commander, Ukrainian military defense forces should reach more than 2 million, the number of members of the President’s jersey, also stressed that the two weeks will expand defense forces, the armed forces of uzbekistan are an increase of 11000 people, 1000 people are special forces,The deployment of defense forces was 70 percent complete.It seems that Ukraine does not want to ease the situation. The recent actions of Ukraine and the United States may have an inseparable relationship, but the 100,000 Russian troops on the Border between Russia and Ukraine are also covetously eyed, and it is believed that the Ukrainian army will not dare to act rashly.Third, 3,000 U.S. troops to Poland.The United States has reportedly decided to deploy 3,000 troops to Poland in the next few days, and is scheduled to arrive in Poland next week. The United States said the troops will mainly train and deter Russia, and will not take part in a possible war with Ukraine.A SPOKESMAN for the US side said this is the second batch of US troops to Poland, nearly two-thirds of the troops have arrived in Poland, the main purpose is to protect NATO members from the threat of certain countries, to prevent the east of NATO could launch “invasion”.The us side will now own “ambitions” exposed, Lithuania and Denmark has been to the United States request before garrison, and urge the us side in cubic permanent bases to enhance defense capabilities, if the us agreed, Lithuania is that, like Japan and South Korea before the two countries, then please god easily send difficult, cubic is now playing with fire,When uncomfortable is cubic oneself.

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