Richest country 50 years ago!Now the poorest, dare to question China’s South Pacific project

What happened to a small island nation in the South Pacific, once described in geography textbooks as “Paradise Island,” then the richest country in the South Pacific, now the poorest?Why does it frequently target China in the international arena?The country that in the 1970s was as rich as the developed world in Europe and America was Nauru, a country that grew rich from bird droppings.The world’s smallest island nation, with a population of just over 10,000, was at its peak generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual raw material exports, and its per capita income reached 15,000 dollars.The 21.3-square-kilometer island has only one 24-kilometer roundabout road, but in the last century, every household had at least two sports cars, which could last for months at a time, assuming you didn’t brush the ring.If you want to travel to other countries off the island, you can go by air. Before 1995, five Boeing series passenger planes were lined up waiting for you to take off.It’s not that it’s an economic and political center or anything, it’s just that it’s rich.After 30 years of spendthrift spending, they have not only turned themselves into the fattest nation in the world, they have also managed to drain the mines at home and become an international player.Nauru, which in 1980 recognised Western Sahara under Algerian influence, receives $10m a year in aid from Algiri.After receiving aid money from Australia, the European Union and the United States, kosovo was decisively recognized as independent.Received $50 million in aid from Russia and recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.In principle, pay the money, change the wind.In 2018, the 30th Pacific Islands Forum was held in Nauru. China was invited to attend the forum, but it was made difficult by nauru.First, they refused to recognize the diplomatic passport of the Chinese representative, and then they manipulated the order of their speeches, saying that we bullied their small country.By the way, didn’t you set up the presentation schedule?If it were not for the invitation of other countries, we would not come to your small land.Nauru’s disrespect does not stop there. In mid-2021, China’s project to lay undersea optical cables across the South Pacific islands was blocked by the United States and shelved.Nauru actually jumped out to slander our country made cable has major security problems, worried about cable theft of state secrets, to Australia said hope to put their border cable to Australia to build, Australia also “serious” agreed.Although such clowns are not worthy of mention, our country has officially responded to this silly question.On June 24, 2021, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian solemnly refuted the so-called security issue at a regular press conference, stressing that Chinese enterprises always conduct overseas investment and cooperation in various fields in accordance with market principles and international rules and local laws.In addition, Chinese companies have a good record in cyber security.In the end, he pointed out, Do I have to repeat myself when the world can see clearly who is engaged in espionage activities such as wiretapping?In retrospect, the Foreign Ministry described nauru’s question as akin to a missile expert being asked “can a missile be fueled with wood?” it was utterly disgusting.In fact, Our country established diplomatic relations with Nauru as early as 1975, and it is also the earliest south Pacific island countries to establish diplomatic relations with Our country. In 2002, Our country also donated 130 million US dollars to it, but this little man is hungry for money, regardless of China’s opposition to engage in relations with Taiwan, and cut off diplomatic relations with China in 2005, and established diplomatic relations with Taiwan in the same year.There are only two embassies in Nauru now, one from Taiwan and one from Australia. Nauru only dares to disrespect China because it has these forces behind it.It has a bad reputation in the world because of its fickle diplomatic relations, and the island nation has become more and more isolated from the west than from the lion of the East.Let’s see how this small country, which made its fortune from bird droppings, got to where it is today.Nauru fall of nauru is a go “bird excrement luck” country, from the primitive society step by step into the modern civilization, although with mines but profligate, no the meaning of sustainable development, a short span of 30 years to put money squandered, only international aid to earn a living, it’s should be a words “days to let it die, must first make it crazy”.The source of Nauru’s prosperity is the island’s abundant phosphate reserves. Two-thirds of the island is a mixture of coral limestone and phosphate. Nauru was once the world’s largest phosphate exporter.These phosphate minerals weren’t born here. Over millions of years, seabird feces accumulated on coral limestone, and the phosphoric acid in the feces dissolved calcium carbonate to form calcium phosphate, and the loose phosphate slowly accumulated into phosphate minerals.The phosphoric acid on the island is like sand, and it’s so pure, you can just collect it and pack it up and sell it.And of course the Nauruans, who were indigenous, didn’t know about these valuable phosphoric acid deposits, but it was the British who discovered them.In 1900 an employee of a British phosphate mining company traced the island’s rich phosphoric acid deposits through a stone, and the island came under British control.Australia, which is very close to Nauru, directly occupied the island during The First World War. In 1919, after negotiations, Britain, Australia and New Zealand jointly managed the island and developed phosphate mines.The island’s indigenous people are just tool men in the process.The islands were taken over by Japan during World War II and returned to the three countries after Japan’s defeat and surrender.It was not until 1968 that the enlightened aborigines, under the influence of the independence movement, succeeded in establishing a state and joining the United Nations.At this point, the ownership of the phosphate mine finally fell to Nauru.How would you develop such a golden hill if you got it?The Nauruans gave the roughest answer, developing like crazy.At its peak, nauru was extracting more than 1m tonnes a year, and the British group estimated it had another 70 years of phosphate ore to develop. It began to run out in the 1990s and disappeared a few years later.The 20 years of phosphate mining are the 20 years of extravagance of Nauru people. The original inhabitants without cultural accumulation have no plan for the future. They employ workers from other countries to mine phosphate mines.At that time nauru was a paradise of pleasure, and the days of excess had corrupted everyone and made them the fattest country in the world.Due to dietary changes, Nauruans are at extremely high risk of disease and have a life expectancy of less than 60 years.The country imports everything, including fresh water, and the island produces only a small amount of tropical fruit;Although Nauru has nearly 200 miles of sea, they only get 40,000 tons of fish a year, there are only two large fishing boats on the island, people don’t work at all, and fishing licenses granted to other countries bring in more than A $7 million a year.An international sovereign state living off money laundering 10,000 people are supported by the government, and the government is forced to do nothing, so they start thinking.In the years since its mineral wealth dried up, Nauru has emerged as the world’s biggest money-laundering haven.For $20,000, you could get a passport to the Republic of Nauru, and you could get the government of Nauru, and nauru is now one of the poorest countries in the world. What happened in those 50 years?Why does it frequently target China in the international arena?The bank license issued by your government, through the bank to conduct money laundering and tax evasion, escape the supervision of international financial organizations.International financial institutions hated it, and under international pressure Nauru closed all offshore banking operations in 2003, ending the money-laundering haven.The closure of the Australian government’s refugee camp bank puts nauru’s government in crisis again. After many pleas, his neighbor Big Brother Australia finds a job for him.In the early 2000s, hundreds of war refugees (Sri Lankans and Pakistanis) trying to enter Australia were turned back by the Australian government. They were packed into squalid detention centres on Nauru in exchange for millions of dollars in aid.Unable to get help from the Australian government, these homeless people resorted to smuggling and were imprisoned in Nauru for several years until the detention center was closed in 2007 due to lack of water.The same thing happened again in 2012, this time with more than 1,300 refugees, who were held for years until allegations of mistreatment by guards came out and the Australian government closed the centers under international pressure.It is inconceivable that these inhuman disasters could occur in a civilised society, where humanitarian assistance to refugees has been turned into illegal imprisonment, and Nauru and Australia need to be held accountable for these allegations.Nauru, which has lost its rotten job, will have a difficult time ahead.Nauru has gone from boom to bust in just 50 years. Luxury is the greatest original sin of mankind, and the current situation of the Nauruans is a perfect example.If you were to go back to the founding of Nauru, how would you plan?

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