Ten years of a product such as warm words douban split 2.8

Hello everyone, today xiaobian again to share the latest information to you.There are three new movies opening this Valentine’s Day, all romance, of course.This time, all three films suffered a critical collapse.So far, only Ten Years and a Taste of Warm Words has scored a mere 2.9 points on Douban.The film is based on the original novel of the same name by Shuhai Cangsheng, directed by Zhao Fei, and starring Ding Yuxi, Ren Min and Li Zefeng.According to netizens’ comments, the adaptation of the film almost completely deviates from the original novel. Some people think that the plot and pace of the film are quite speechless. It is released on Valentine’s Day.The film is not well received by the public. Ifeng.com users think that 80% of the time the hero and heroine are crying and falling in love with each other, but they have no choice. The plot adaptation is inexplicable and the good actors are spoiled.In terms of professional reviews, the film is full of straight male eroticism and self-absorption.It’s all arranged for your own good, and it doesn’t touch on real life at all.Which movies did you see on Valentine’s Day this year?Well, that’s all for this episode. See you next time!

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